Why Your Other Half Is So Obsessed With Getting His Swing Right

These days, people have very little time for the sporting prima donnas out there. While most of us have to work a day job and try to get our enjoyment from playing and watching our favorite sports in our spare time, professionals often waste their talent or do not really appreciate how good they’ve got it.

Golf is a sport that some people don’t know much about, others get to love it once they’ve actually tried it and then there are the fanatics that go out in all weathers to practice their shot down at their local golf course.
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For those living with someone in the latter category mentioned above it can often be confusing, wondering why someone would sacrifice so much time and effort to play a game where all you do is try and get this little white ball in a hole within as few a shots as possible.

Of course, when you watch the greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, British heroes like Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie and the current stars of Team Europe who have successfully defended the Ryder Cup, you get to see true artisans at work, those who have mastered the game. However, if the person in question is a middle aged bloke playing at a local golf club, they may be a million miles away from winning such prestigious tournaments with cash prizes involved yet are still happy to get up at 6am in the morning and play a round in miserable conditions.

This sport is most definitely for those who dedicate a lifetime to getting it right, or at least improve their swing by the time they can no longer stand up unaided and hold a golf club. It is a game that requires patience and perseverance as to get a decent handicap takes a lot of hours just hitting ball after ball.

Even when Joe Bloggs does manage to perfect their swing, it doesn’t take much to lose the knack of it again. So if you have to go through all the highs and lows with someone, it is worth appreciating this fact.

Buying them presents for birthdays and at Christmas won’t be a problem though. If you can’t manage to fathom what they want from the wide range of golfing products to be found online, there are always golf gift vouchers available.

So while you may still not understand their obsession with golf, at least you can now appreciate the sweat and tears that go into it a bit more.

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