Why Online Dating Can Prove So Successful

It’s remarkable how quickly perceptions of things can change in the internet era. Take MySpace, for example. One minute it seemed like the center of the online universe. Next minute it’s a tired old site that is given barely any respect at all. In contrast, Facebook went from nothing to being the most visited site on the web in a few short years (and may well go back again, no matter how unlikely that seems).

But this isn’t about fads or flavors of the month. Society is changing in response to the influence of technology as well. A few short years ago, it was considered a bit sad and desperate to be engaged in online dating. However, since then, it’s not just become accepted, it’s become the norm.
Many couples are still a little reserved about admitting that they met online, but this is changing rapidly. Public perception is changing partly because online dating has proven so successful for so many people. Why is this?
Online Dating
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To put it bluntly, it is just more efficient. When a couple breaks up, the old saying goes that ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’ – but just how many of these fish to regularly come into contact with and just how many of them are actually single? When you start to look at it like this, it’s easy to see why internet dating can prove so effective.

Having made a profile and presented yourself in your best light, you can then see who’s actually interested in you. You’re not searching through everybody you ever come into contact with, desperately trying to find someone who might be interested. People who get in touch are interested. You know that for a fact or they wouldn’t have contacted you.

But the benefits don’t end there. Through creating a profile, highlighting your interests, you have already told people a little about yourself without actually having to speak to them. They won’t know you exactly, but they will have half an idea what you’re like and this means that you are that much more likely to have something in common, because again, they wouldn’t have contacted you if they thought you were entirely incompatible.

It’s not so much about saving time. It’s about bringing like-minded people together. You may or may not hit it off, but knowing so much about each other and having certain things in common makes it that much more likely that you’ll be able to build a relationship.
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