Why Laser Treatment is a Popular Treatment

Read on to find out about the fast, safe and effective way to remove scars, tattoos, birthmarks and other types of skin blemishes as well as unwanted hair. Laser treatment is proving increasingly popular and with very good reason.

What Laser Therapy Can Do
Laser treatment can remove keloids, or overgrowths of scar tissue, that arise from a number of causes, including chicken pox, burns and acne. It can also assist with the treatment of active acne as it eliminates the bacteria that cause the acne. Because laser treatment heats the skin around acne spots, it also helps to stimulate the skin's own healing processes.
Laser Treatment
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For those who suffer with rosacea and episodes of flushing, laser technology can treat this effectively. As a non-invasive solution, it causes the blood vessels at the skin to collapse, preventing blood flow to the skin, minimising visible effects. Birthmarks, such as port wine stains or abnormal pigment patches, are often suitable for removal by laser treatment without causing any damage to surrounding skin and tissue. Laser treatment may also be appropriate for removing warts, moles and other skin lesions such as xanthelasma, the fatty lumps around the eyes.

For those who regret having a tattoo earlier in life, laser treatment is a safe and effective way to remove it. It is also a popular way to permanently remove unwanted hair, or to help control growth in those who are suffering with medical conditions such as hirsutism. Lasers destroy the root of the hair, preventing re-growth, or if re-growth does occur, the hair is usually finer and less noticeable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Treatment
There are many advantages to laser treatment, including the speed of the process. Many procedures will take less than 20 minutes, although depending on the type of treatment, a number of visits may be required. Laser treatment is considerably lower risk than surgical procedures, as it causes less bleeding and a lower risk of infection. The nature of laser therapy also means that its application is precise, it has a higher chance of success and patients usually recover quickly. Not all individuals are suitable for laser treatment, however, and there are some risks, including scarring, incomplete treatment and skin colour changes.

With laser treatment being suitable for so many medical and cosmetic purposes, it is unsurprising that more people than ever before are taking advantage of what laser treatment can offer.

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