Why Kids Get More From Staycations

Holidays abroad are all the rage for families. But do they really deliver what’s important to the kids?

One of the things that adults remember about their childhood is the home from home that they used to enjoy visiting when they were young – that holiday destination that their parents took them to time and time again. During the holiday boom this sense of a home from home might have got lost along the way, but there’s something about the tradition that’s well worth keeping.

These days there are ample reasons for families to go abroad during the summer holidays and to take their kids with them. Not only can they rely on a bit of good weather on the continent – at least in some of the major resorts like the Greek Islands, the Balearic's and the Spanish coasts – but they can also afford to make the journey given the number of budget deals out there.
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However, this sort of attitude to holidays often leads to families taking new trips year after year when they can afford to – trips that don’t really live long in the memory of their children and that actually prevent kids from really getting attached to places away from home.

Young kids do not value the summer sun or the culture of the continent. What they value is quality time spent with their parents and siblings. Would kids love the sand and the seaside so much if it weren’t for the people they share the excitement of those places with? The fact is that quality time can be spent with the family at some of the more attractive destinations around the UK.

Wales is home to loads of lovely beaches and countryside retreats. Cornwall is also renowned for being popular with holidaymakers from the UK, while the south coast of England and resorts right around the East coast of the country are also extremely well thought of because they are clean, easy to reach and well supplied with places to stay.

The major attraction of many of these resorts is the fact that they allow families to form a relationship with a particular place because they are easy to get to by car and so can be visited more frequently. This enables children to form really fond memories of the places they used to visit when they were young and it often does more to broaden their horizons than resort holidays that serve little purpose but to give them bragging rights when they hit their teens.

And for parents? Well, the relaxation afforded by easier journeys is a welcome feature of the staycation and it’s lovely to watch their kids form a strong relationship with the country they are growing up in.

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