When Your Man Loves His Car More Than You

When Your Man Loves His Car More Than You
How do you cope when the man in your life has another love? It isn’t some pretty young thing in high heels and a short skirt. It isn’t an office romance or a work place tryst either, but his attention is invariably drawn to how the object of his desire is faring, how she looks and how she feels when he’s inside her. In fact the way she looks is very important to him, he will spend a fortune on gifts for her, even going without certain things to make sure that she gets the best of everything. And you, as the extra wheel in this relationship are also required to make sacrifices so that he can spend time with her when she needs him. And of course, you will do all of this because you love him.

The Object of His Desire
You see the way that he looks at her, and it is always a ‘her’, and wonder why he never gets that look in his eyes when he looks at you. You look at her and must see something different to him as you just can’t understand the attachment he feels at all. To you ‘she’ is an ‘it’, a thing, a machine… a car. To him well she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, more than an object, more than a machine and definitely more than a car.

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You put up with this of course, snigger at him and roll your eyes behind his back, but secretly you don’t mind. The reason you don’t mind is because this is one love affair that you can handle, that is not going to make you green with jealousy and burn with anger. But, there are times when his love of the car does impact on your relationship and bad feelings can arise because of it.

The Money Pit
Cars cost money to maintain, and a special car such as his seems to eat money. How long have you been waiting to get that room decorated? Buy that new carpet that the stairs are desperate for? Or have a holiday that you really deserve? How many times have you started to make plans for spending the money that you have put aside only to find that the car needs new tyres, the service is due or there is some other car related expense which means you are required to put what you want on hold again because as always, the car comes first?

His birthday presents are always something for the car, the same at Christmas, the gifts are always car related. You try to keep to a budget, but are being asked to reign in the family grocery bill each week, and he still goes out any buys her the more expensive fuel because ‘it’s better for her’. You are told the window cleaner is too expensive, and why pay when it’s a job you could do yourself? And yet, and yet, he still takes the car to be cleaned and valeted each week, and you just have to smile sweetly and get on with it.

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