Top 3 Places To Listen To Fado In Lisbon

Top 3 Places To Listen To Fado In Lisbon
Fado is the sound of Lisbon. It is beautiful, if a bit melancholy, and is a tradition that is well loved in Lisbon. When you visit Lisbon it would almost be a crime not to listen to the proud Fado of the locals! The genre originated in the local Inns in the 19th century and its name comes from the Latin words for “fate” or “destiny”, the sad song are usually about nostalgia and love, and is sung in a very profound way. In this article I will display the finest places in Lisbon to get stuck into the beauty of Fado and join the local tradition.
Fado In Lisbon
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Whilst in Lisbon it can be quite common to enjoy a typical Portuguese meal whilst listening to Fado, some of the best locations for it are found in the Alfama, Bairro Alto and Mouraria districts of Lisbon.

Mesa De Frades – Alfama

Mesa De Frades is a definite must visit whilst tracking Fado in Lisbon, it is established in a small but magnificent 18th Century Chapel called Quinta da Dona Rosa, at which you must book a table in advance due to the limited seating inside – here you can have a great meal with wine - but the real attraction here is the Chapels famed Fado. One review names Mesa de Frades as “the holy grail of Fado” in Lisbon, so as you would imagine it is very popular with the locals and tourist alike. If you want a exceptional experience the Chapel is very highly recommended and due to its internationally renowned guitarist proprietor – Pedro de Castro, it is a perfect place to enjoy your first ever Fado.

Casa de Mariquinhas- Alcântara

Also one of the top places in Lisbon to hear the finest Fado, it´s so highly approved that even Fado singers from all the other clubs in Lisbon come here to listen and learn from the fantastic artists. Fado is performed on Thursday or Friday nights and if you´re open to experiencing some other styles of Portuguese music visit the Casa on other weeknights. Casa de Mariquinhas is also a Fado experience that must be booked in advance, because the seating can only accommodate about 30 guests. The small seating area is, however, a benefit for the guest as the restaurant generates an authentic and intimate atmosphere that enhances the sorrow of Fado.

Expect to make a real night of your visit to Casa de Mariquinhas as you usually finish off your meal and the twelve string guitars begin to entertain at about midnight until long into the night!

Senhor Vinho

Iconic in the Fado genre, Senhor Vinho draws in some of the most talented singers and guitarists to its floors. The house was founded in 1975 by Antonio de Mello Correa and two friends and it serves fine cuisine and displays truly amazing artists to its audiences. The restaurant is eloquently decorated in an authentic but modern style with open brickwork and beautiful old tiles that complement the stylish dining tables. Senhor Vinho is a perfect and romantic place that would be great to take someone on a dreamy first date.

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