Saying Goodbye To Your Old Car: How To Get Rid Of It:

Saying Goodbye To Your Old Car
If you have never owned a car you will not be able to understand the relationship that the driver forms with it. For example, were you aware that we talk to our cars? Give them names? Beg and plead with them when they won’t start, as though they can hear and understand us, and grieve for them when they die. And yes that is what a car does, it doesn’t simply break down, it doesn’t get written off, it dies. 

Our car has been with us everywhere we have been that it even features in the back of holiday snaps and pictures from days out with the family. It has driven us to birthday parties, weddings and funerals and has been there whenever we have needed it. So yes, when it does reach the state of no repair we consider that our car has died. So what can we do with it? It’s not like we can bury it at the bottom of the garden with the remains of the pet rabbit is it?
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Considering Your Options
There are a number of options available to you, and all of them are going to hurt. They are going to hurt on an emotional level and also on a financial level. You may think that your car is still worth decent money because other than the reason it died, for example there was a fault you just could not afford to repair, it’s still in good condition. Sadly no one else is going to agree with you. They will talk to you in terms of scrap value, detail how your car will be ripped apart for spares and scrap and it will hurt. It can help in this situation if you think of your car in terms of being a donor.

It has died so that other cars may live, with its parts in their engines, its lights in their dead sockets or its wheels giving a car back its mobility. All that is of importance to the people that come and take your car away is its tonnage - its weight, as this is what determines how much your car is worth to them.

Saying Goodbye
There are a number of different businesses around now which specialise in taking a problem car off your hands. They only pay the scrap value of course, but they will come and collect your car and save you the hassle of having to get it towed away. Some scrap yards will also arrange collection of your car and at least you have the benefit of having the cash in your hand at the end of the day.

But when that moment comes, when your sad, empty shell of a car is hoisted up onto the back of a tow truck, or lifted up on a car transporter there will be a pang of pain. You are left with nothing to do but say a silent goodbye to an old friend as he is driven off into the distance.

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