My Journey To Find The Perfect Gift For My Wife

About five years ago I found myself in a particular bind trying to find the perfect gift for my wife. I asked everyone I could possibly think of to help me think of a gift for her birthday. No one came up with any solutions and her birthday was quickly approaching.

As a last desperate attempt I called my mother-in-law to see if there was anything in particular that my wife liked, that I did not know about. She told me that jewelry is always a great idea for birthdays and that I should do more research on it.

Taking her advice I headed to the internet and typed in jewelry in the search box. Through my hours of searching I came across all different types of jewelry and accessories that I believed my wife would love.
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In particular I came across a pair of semi-precious stone earrings. These earrings were beautifully made and crafted to perfection. These earrings caught my eye as they were her favorite color. The earrings were a brilliant deep crimson, reddish color that was surrounded by what seemed to be diamonds. At first I was skeptical to buy them, but as I did more research on jewelry nothing else seemed to compare to them.

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With one day before my wife’s birthday I finally decided to go to the store and buy them. The price was unbelievable and it came in a dark black box that was just as beautiful as the earrings themselves. I returned home while she was away at work and decided to look for a good hiding place to put them. At first I believed under the bed would be best, but my wife has a knack of cleaning things under the bed. So I then choose to place it where she would least expect it, the hallway closet.

The day of her birthday I acted as if I had forgotten her birthday. She was so furious with me that she stomps all the way to the car as she left for work. I sat in my armchair with a satisfied grin, while I watched my plan come into fruition. That night she arrived home grumpy and in a horrible mood, still not talking to me. I quickly went to the hallway closet and pulled out her present and before I knew it she threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. She told me it was the best birthday gift she had ever received, off course the glittering semi-precious stone earrings made her very very happy.

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