Increase The Chance Of Tenants In Your Flats To Rent In Edinburgh

Many people are opting to buy properties to rent them, which has led to many flats to rent in Edinburgh. While this is useful for tenants, it is difficult for landlords and letting agencies. You want your flat to be the one that tenants choose and you can increase this through marketing and increasing the allure.

Here are some tips to help make people want your flat.

Add Plenty of Photos
Most tenants will search online for flats to rent. This helps them reduce the time it takes to find somewhere suitable but many place photos as one of the top requirements. It helps prospective tenants gain an idea about the flat to determine the size and suitability. They also like to see the surrounding area. Make sure there are plenty of photos that show off the property and the views around on the listing.
Past and Present Time

When adding the photos, make sure they are high in quality. Blurred images or ones that are stretched do not give the full view. They are misleading and tenants will resent the landlord or letting agency for this. Give the best impression and be honest while focusing on the good areas.

Add Details about the Local Amenities
Tenants want to know more about the local area. They will need to know about schools or shops and the distance from the train or bus station. Many will be searching for properties that make it easy to get into Edinburgh without the need to pay the expensive parking fees. The easier to make it for them to find the information, the more likely they will want to view the property.

It may also be worth adding local attractions in Edinburgh, such as The Dungeons and Edinburgh Castle. People will want to spend days out with friends and family. Keep this list general and short.

Include Details of the Property
Be detailed in the description. It may be worth including the sizes of the bedrooms so people have an idea before they view. It is also worth checking out this site for examples of flats for rent. In addition, adding detail about a garden or lawn and whether a shed, attic or basement is included with the property. When it comes to flats, always state the floor and whether there is a lift.

The more detail you add, the more chance tenants will contact you to view. Be honest while remaining positive. Never stretch or skew your photos and include details of the local area.

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