How To Select The Best Paintball Gun

Your whole game can be changed by using the right paintball gun. Use the right gun and your speed and accuracy will increase. If it feels comfy and easy to hold, you'll feel confident using it. You can also save rental charges and customize your weapon. Sounds tempting doesn't it? Well follow the steps below and you'll have all the knowledge you need to shop with confidence.

Analyse your playing style
Before parting with any money on a new paintball gun, first analyse your playing style. How do you play your games? Do you save your ammo and pick clear shots or do you fire aggressively? Understanding your gaming style will help you to pick a weapon that best suits you.
Paintball Gun
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Choose a weapon with a large loader if you shoot aggressively to ensure you don't run out. If you shoot carefully, look for a medium loader and a lighter gun. If your style is accuracy, a long barrel will bring those shots onto target, but this will also make the gun heavier. Consider the features that work with your style, prioritise them and then make your decision.

How does a beginner pick a paintball gun?
As a beginner it's best to buy a paintball package that would include everything to get started. A good package would include a paintball gun (sometimes called airsoft guns), paintball loader (hopper), paintballs, CO2 tank and face mask.

For a first gun, go in at a moderate level. Until you know your own playing style it's easy to buy a gun that is too small or too heavy. As long as it's easy to clean and use and bought from a reputable dealer, your first gun can last you for as long as you want it to.

Do your research
As hard as it may be, don't rush in. Do your research on the different guns available using the internet or magazines and be patient. Check the features of the gun and if it can be upgraded. A customisable gun can evolve with the style of your game and although it may cost a little more, it will last you a lot longer.

Want a great tip?
Try and rent a gun to test if it feels comfortable to hold and load before actually buying it. This can be a great way to find out the gun will work for you and to ensure you'll have a great time playing. Comfort should be your first priority.

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