How To Plant Trailing Geraniums For Summer Container Displays

The summer provides ideal conditions for the healthy growth of trailing geraniums and hence provides an ideal time to grow these plants. Trailing geraniums are also referred to as ivy geraniums and recognisable by their ornamental leaves that resemble ivy. Trailing geraniums are often favored for their aesthetic appeal by a great variety of people, as they are available in a great variety of shades - namely, those of pink, red, lilac and white.

Ivy geraniums are often planted in hanging baskets and window boxes, though there are many other different possibilities concerning how they can be planted for summer - including possibilities involving the display of the geraniums in summer containers.
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How to choose a good summer container for trailing geraniums
Almost any commercially available pot should be fine for the purpose of using to plant and grow trailing geraniums in. However, you should check that any pot that you do put to this purpose satisfies certain criteria. For example, it must have holes in the bottom to allow extra water to drain out and so prevent the soil in which the geraniums will be planted becoming soggy. The pot should also be sufficiently light to enable you to easily move it and sufficiently large to contain any trailing geraniums that you will grow in it.

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Trailing geranium cultivars
Two cultivars of trailing geraniums are Summer Showers and Balcon. These different cultivars have their own unique characteristics which should be kept in mind if you choose to plant any of them. The former, for example, displays a base-branching habit and does not require pinching. The latter, meanwhile, is a heavy bloomer, trails up to 2 feet long and does not require deadheading.

How to seed and propagate trailing geraniums
If you are eager to plant some trailing geraniums, you could save some money through sowing trailing geranium seeds from existing trailing geraniums rather than buying any trailing geraniums. If you want to plant trailing geraniums in preparation for their growth during summer, it would perhaps be most ideal for you to sow trailing geranium seeds at 21.1 degrees Celsius in late winter or early spring. You might find that you can only find an environment with this temperature indoors.
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How to further encourage the healthy growth of trailing geraniums
To further encourage trailing geraniums to grow healthily, you should make sure that they are planted in full sun, well-drained soil and the right kind of pot. A good potting mix with peat moss, pasteurised compost and perlite can be used to ensure adequate moisture in which the geraniums can grow. You should also remember to, when watering the geraniums, fertilise them with a time-release fertiliser or an all-purpose liquid fertiliser and to add a teaspoon of Epsom salt to the geraniums every few times that they are watered.

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