How to Make History Come Alive for Children

This article will hopefully begin to explain how to pick the museums, castles and historical places that will inspire a love of history, by using kid friendly mediums such as videos and more creative means.

History is not boring, you know that and I know that, but unfortunately kids tend to get the wrong end of the stick as far as the past is concerned. Sure, learning history in a stuffy classroom with no visual aids is boring, but seeing and experiencing it is far more exciting.
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Tourism Awards
The best way for kids to understand more about history is to take them to castles and museums. The places which have won awards for their visitor experience are the ones to head for. The funny thing is these are not always the ones with the most interesting story, but they are the ones that tell that story best. Visitor centres which use mediums kids understand such as videos make it much more accessible. The best museums and castles have had a corporate video production made which tells the tale of the place before visitors go around.

This helps children visualize and better understand what it's all about. Places also win awards for their interactive displays and the way the staff integrate with the visitors. These are all factors to look at when choosing where to take the kids to help them get into history; basically avoid old fashioned and stuffy attractions and head for the ones recognized for doing good work.

Sometimes television is ok!
We all hate stuffing our kids in front of the telly and everybody knows it's no replacement for an education. But certain programmes such as the BAFTA winning Horrible Histories series brings history to life and is also very funny. In the same way that a video at a museum can do a good job of demonstrating history, an appropriate film may even do the same.

Use their interests
If your son or daughter has started getting interested in knights you can use this as a way to learn about the medieval period. If they are showing interest in animals you can get them to learn about animals and pets through the ages.

History is a brilliant subject for children and it's always worth making the effort to get them to enjoy it more. Look out for museums and castles with an enhanced visitor experience and let kids take the lead with their own interests.

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This guest blog was written by parenting blogger Keeley Wright who loves to find ways kids can enjoy history. She was inspired by the kinds of charities using to make their visitor centres much more accessible to the public.

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