How To Keep Your Mates Interested In Socializing

It’s really difficult to get all your mates together for a good time when you reach a certain age. This is purely because fewer people are interested in the club scene and many of them have kids and other priorities that take precedence.

Even with social networking sites like Facebook helping people to stay in touch and organise events more easily, it’s still hard to tempt people to unwind together all at the same time. So how can you actually give your mates an incentive when you just want to rediscover a bit of the old-time fun?
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Well, you can start by organising an actual event instead of something uncertain. People are unlikely to forget about all their other priorities just because you want to go for a drink somewhere and ‘see where the night takes you’.

That sort of thing is just too cloudy in terms of details to register with people. Instead, it’s worth actually organising a trip somewhere. Lots of people have success when they decide to invite all their mates to book a cottage somewhere so they can catch up properly and get involved in some local activities too.

Others have success when they book spa weekends or weekends that revolve around sport because there is something solid to focus people’s attention.

Another popular thing to do is to arrange to attend a murder mystery party. These events are usually a lot of fun and offer something a bit different for those who have never tried it. Novelty is a massive motivator so if you can think of something new and original to do you’re likely to get more interest.

A weekend on a longboat is another original suggestion that tends to get a lot of interest. Of course, this sort of thing does demand that people spend a bit of cash and this can put people off, but the novelty and the potential of the plan can persuade people to get involved – especially if a fixed cost (like the cost of renting a boat) is being spread across a few people.

An element of acceptance does have to come into it. You have to accept that people are not in the position they used to be in to drop everything for a party. You may have to get used to seeing your friends on an individual basis and finding pleasure in that for the most part. Of course, it may not be long till you all start going to each other’s weddings to celebrate anyway!

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