How The Arts Can Help You Overcome Your Problems

Art therapy works towards improving a person's emotional, mental and physical well-being through the process of helping them to express themselves artistically. It can help to reduce stress, improve self-esteem and change their feelings and behaviors. As well as being used for treatment by therapists, it can also help individuals to understand themselves more deeply. There are various forms of art therapy and all can benefit anyone you don't need any special talent or experience.

Music therapy
In music therapy, the therapist and the client communicate through music, usually with instruments that do not require any musical knowledge. Both parties sing, play and listen and at the end of the session there is usually a discussion about the session and the feelings and thoughts it evoked. Music therapy can help by developing a person's self-awareness, bringing hidden memories to consciousness and helping them to talk about their feelings. It can achieve results much more quickly than talking therapies.
Music therapy
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Drama therapy
This is usually a group therapy, although it can be used for individuals. Many aspects of theatre can be involved, including speech, improvisation, mime, role play and movement. Drama therapy can help people to come to terms with aspects of their relationships or feelings that are difficult for them and can help people to take control of their own lives.

Dance therapy
How people move and hold themselves can indicate how they regard themselves. It can be used for groups or individuals. The therapist may help the person to alter their movement in order to change how they feel. This kind of therapy is particularly helpful for people who have problems linked to their body image or trusting others.

Art therapy
Various forms of creative art such as modelling in clay, photography or painting are used in art therapy as a way of expressing how a client feels. It is helpful when feelings are too distressing to verbalise and can be a valuable outlet for emotions.

Voice movement therapy
For various reasons, some people have difficulty in using their voice to speak or sing. The therapist uses different methods of helping to make this possible and teach the client to control the way they breathe. This therapy is helpful for people who lack self-confidence and those who have experienced panic attacks.

It has never been easier to find a find a psychotherapist to help with any of these emotional and mental health issues and clients are often surprised at the progress they can make in only a short time.

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