Holidays To Crete: Cretan Foods, Cuisine And Specialties

Every part of Crete has something exciting and wonderful to offer in the way of dining and because the island has many different cultures in a short amount of space, you can experience all different types of great foods without having to travel very far. You may not know a whole lot about the traditional cuisine of Crete, but it’s easy to find out what it’s all about by visiting some of the local restaurants. You can expect to be eating some of the most delicious and freshest foods on the planet! There’s something delicious for everyone to enjoy on the island of Crete.

Cretan Cuisine
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Cretan Traditional Taverns

You can start your dining journey by visiting some of the many taverns. These taverns may not be five star restaurants, but they offer some great food that is suitable for any budget. One dish that you’re likely to find in any tavern you visit is known as dakos. Dakos consists of chopped tomatoes. It’s seasoned with a wide variety of fresh herbs and spices and it’s usually served as an appetizer. Another common tavern treat is known as xinomyzithra, which is a salted white cheese that’s seasoned with oregano. It’s served atop Cretan barley rusk that’s been soaked with water and you’ll also notice that there’s a taste of olive oil.

Delicious Cheeses

Another place to get a taste for some of the fine foods of Crete is the market. Here you will find all different types of cheeses and vegetables. Now, buying vegetables may not seem like something you’d do while you’re in Crete, but once you try a fresh vegetable from the area, you’ll quickly realize that it’s far superior to anything you’re likely to buy in a supermarket. Crete is known for its delicious cheeses and these are plentiful within the many markets that are located all throughout the villages.

Sfakiani pita

Sfakiani pita is another popular Greek dish that many people love. You can find the delicious Sfakiani pita in Sfakia. It’s one of the absolute best pita types to eat, in a lot of people’s opinions. The Sfakiani pita almost resembles a pancake. It has cheese kneaded into the dough, which gives it a delicious flavor. Often times this pita is served with honey for a wonderful desert or quick snack.

Traditional Sauces

One of the great things about Cretan cooks is the fact that they don’t use thick sauces to cover their meals flavor. Most of the sauces that are used are made up from fresh ingredients that enhance the flavor of meats or seafood rather than mask the taste. There are not a whole lot of seasonings used in Cretan meals other than cumin, which is used quite often.

You will notice that Cretans don’t overcomplicate their dishes with a multitude of seasonings. They put emphasis on superb quality ingredients that are fresh and hearty. There’s really no need to season something that already tastes delicious! A visit to Crete can open a world of dining that you may have never known existed. Give your taste buds a treat and visit Crete!

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