Gumballs: The Candy Store Staple

Gumballs: The Candy Store Staple
Gumballs are a popular international treat; there is no age limit for gumballs either, as the elderly always enjoy a gumball on occasion. We have all grown up enjoying these little colorful candies and they still catch our interest well after we have matured. With the incredibly long history of gum and the many twists it has made in its evolution, it has kept the inner children in all of us waiting at the candy store for another piece. This is exactly why gumballs are always going to be a center piece among the shelves of candy stores. No matter what, people are always going to love gumballs!
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The History of the Gumball

Believe it or not, chewing gum reaches back to ancient times. The Neolithic Period (around 5,000 years ago) has provided us with a piece of "gum" with tooth imprints- a gum made of bark tar. Even the Aztecs were making use of chicle, which was derived from a tree like most ancient gums. The Aztecs' women used gum for one of its most common uses in the modern age: to freshen their breath. As time forged on, chicle became the leading ingredient for the production of the first modern gum in the 1860's. A few decades later, in the early 1900's, the first gumball machines were put to use.

Why Are Gumballs A Staple For Candy Stores?

Due to the utter popularity of the gumball and its significance in the world of candy, a candy store just is not complete without a wide collection of gumballs. Children as young as three and adults as old as one hundred still enjoy gumballs, and they continue to be very affordable and delightful candies. While they seem outdated or sometimes forgotten, it is believed that on average each person in the United States consumes 182 pieces of gum per year. At this whopping number, any candy store would be doing well when selling this nostalgic treat.

Just How Unique Can Gumballs Get?

While the same run-of-the-mill gumballs may become aesthetically boring to most candy shop patrons over time, there are actually tons of options available to the modern candy store owner and its customers. For the most part, gumballs come in a mint flavor with a single, bright, flat color.

However, they are also available in a wider variety of single colors, multiple colors and designs, fruit and dessert inspired flavors, and even some crazy flavors that appeal to the daring. Gumballs come in a large variety of sizes- with some of the largest being used more as souvenirs or novelty items in the customers' hands. You would be surprised to find that you could even buy bacon, popcorn, or cupcake flavored gumballs!

Long Live the Gumball!

Just as they have for over a hundred years, candy stores will continue to offer gumballs in their lineup of delicious treats. There is no denying that gumballs are perhaps the most successful and widely loved form of candy; what would a candy store be without them

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