Getting Crafty With The Kids

Why get crafty?
Children learn best through actively engaging in a subject, such as through play and being creative. Through expressing themselves creatively they learn to express feelings and emotions as well as refining motor skills. Learning a new skill is also a great confidence boost for those who are shy or do not believe in their own abilities.

Getting creative with your children is an excellent way for both of you to learn new skills as well as spending quality time together to strengthen your relationship. When you are learning something new together you are starting on the same ability level, which is rarely the case in a parent child relationship. Whilst talking about what you are doing together you are building on communication and conversation skills which will benefit the relationship for both of you. Making the effort to have a regular 'family time' doing crafts or activities will allow you to take a break from your daily routine and simply enjoy each other's company.
Getting Crafty With The Kids
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Ideas to try
There are lots of creative activities to try out and you should try to be as varied as possible in the things you do. This way you are more likely to find subjects which you both enjoy and if you don't enjoy them you can simply move on to the next project. If you are looking for ideas or want to try something different, why not visit an ice sculpting workshop?

Ice sculptures look stunning as table decorations and centrepieces for events and parties and there are many companies and artists which specialise in creating bespoke works of art from ice. These can include ice luges and interactive art works as well as more simple designs.

These artistic professionals use die grinders or chainsaws to carve out large pieces of ice and them use smaller tools such as chisels and other metal tools which are warmed up to smooth and carve out the features and shapes of their masterpiece.

Many of these ice artists offer workshops or family days where family groups or young people can watch a sculpture being created from scratch and ask questions about the artist's work and how the artist creates some of the more intricate pieces. Children might not be let loose with some of the more ‘dangerous’ tools of the trade but they will still enjoy the day out with family whilst also learning something new along the way.

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