Family-friendly Fun On The West Coast Of America

Family-friendly Fun On The West Coast Of America
The United States of America are without doubt one of the safest and friendliest countries that I’ve ever visited and now I’m all grown up and got a family of my own I’m hoping to retrace my steps and travel to the coast with the most to enjoy the delights of the west. From natural beauty to accommodating diners, there are so many options for families, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to the over-crowded theme parks of Florida.

Without further ado, below are my top five reasons to visit the west coast of America and no matter how you’re intending to travel: hire car, coach or train, believe you me, once you set eyes on the cool blues of the Pacific then you’ll never want to turn back.

West Coast Of America
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Mother Nature
The Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks are all incredible places to visit and if your family are into exploring and camping amongst wide open spaces then look no further. There really is so much natural beauty on the west coast and trips along sections of the Pacific Highway, such as Big Sur and Monterrey Bay, will leave you in no doubt as to why so many artists and writers have chosen to settle here. From beaches and lounging sea lions to giant sequoias and lone cypress trees, if you’re into nature then welcome to paradise on earth.

The beach
If you’re the type of family that just loves the beach then come to California because the whole coast is pretty much awash with them. Seaside towns, boardwalks and kooky communities, like Santa Cruz, provide loads of options away from the sand although, if water sports are your thing, there’s no finer place to be than the Pacific. As with all ocean encounters, take care because things can get a little rough however, if you find a calm day then surfing, snorkelling and sea kayaking are all splendid activities for the whole gang to enjoy.

West Coast America
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The chance to trek America is often cited as top of most outdoor lovers’ wish lists and the west coast is certainly an ideal spot from where to achieve your dream. Following well-signposted trails is an excellent method for families to explore and learn about the natural world and national parks often provide some excellent maps with a variety of gradients and distances. From pine forests and mountain slopes to canyon edges and riverbanks, trekking in the States is an amazing experience and if you fancy seeing: waterfalls, grizzlies and hot springs then I can totally recommend Yellowstone NP.

If you have some little cowboys and cowgirls within your clan then there’s no better way to tick all the right boxes than by staying on a working cattle ranch for a couple of nights. Evenings under the stars, cooking on an open fire and learning how to ride a horse are all exceptional opportunities to help you all bond together and have loads to talk about, long into the evening. There’s never a dull moment when you’re ranching and the choice of staying in a lodge or pitching your tent enable you to pick the right level of adventure to suit your young bucks.

San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge and San Fran Bay alone are enough to make this the perfect location for a family trip to America however, with further sights, including: Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz and those all-important undulating hills, you can rest assured that your entire group will be more than happy.

Take a tram trip to Chinatown or check out some of the unique neighbourhoods that have made this the resting place for many of America’s most creative people. Sailing boats, cable cars or just strolling around the flea markets, Sunday mornings with the family have never been so enticing.

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