Eat Your Daily Water Requirements In Fruit

Eat Your Daily Water Requirements In Fruit
According to dieticians, doctors and other health professionals the average person should drink about two and a half litres of water a day. That is seventeen and a half a week, seventy a month and eight hundred and forty litres of water a year.

However before you begrudgingly reach for that class of water, why not try different ways to reach your daily water requirements, why not eat your way to two and a half litres of water?
Here are five different fruits and their water weights:

Number One – Apple
There are approximately seventy-five thousand different types of apples produced worldwide. However, only one hundred is grown for commercial sale. The apple that is commercially available is a low calorie and high in vitamins snack.

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A single apple contains one tenth of your daily vitamin A requirements and is eight-four percent water. This means that a medium sized apple contains one hundred and twenty millilitres of water.

Number Two – Banana
A banana is naturally low in calories and, but high in potassium, vitamins and fiber. In fact, one medium size banana is only one hundred and ten calories and offers you four hundred milligrams of potassium (one fifth of your daily requirements), vitamin B and C and three grams of fiber (one tenth of your daily fiber).

A banana consists of seventy-four percent water. This means that one medium size banana contains approximately eighty millilitres of water.

Number Three – Grapes
The health benefits of grapes include the ability to treat constipation, fatigue, indigestion, kidney disorders and the prevention of cataract. Grapes are a rich source of vitamins A, B6, C, folic acid, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.

Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in blood, which helps prevents blood clots, thereby reducing heart attacks. A two hundred and fifty gram serving of grapes will equate to drinking two hundred millilitres of water.

Number Four – Strawberries
Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow and one of the most nutritious as well. One cup of strawberries contains one hundred and thirty-six percent of your daily requirements for vitamin c and twenty-one percent of your magnesium.

Number Five – Watermelon
Watermelon is the biggest fruit source of lycopene. Research has indicated that eating foods rich in lycopene reduce the risk of prostate, breast, endometrial, lung and colon cancer. One cup (two hundred and fifty millilitres) of watermelon is only forty-six calories, with no fat or cholesterol, and provides you with one hundred and fifty millilitres of your daily water requirements.

In addition to the health benefits, one cup of strawberries will provide you with one hundred and fifty millilitres of your daily water requirements.

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Greg Jones
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I am Greg Jones, a fruit lover and personal trainer. I find that when you tell a client to drink two and a half litres of water a day, they envisage themselves standing at water dispensers all day. Remember, that you when taking in fluids, it counts for both drinking and eating.

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