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When a lot of us go on holiday, we tend to stay in the resort and stick to meals that we know and love from home. Many of us even pack a box of tea-bags, marmite, cereals & even baked beans in their suitcase so they can still enjoy their favorites whilst on holiday. Have you ever thought about stepping outside of the confines of your hotel and experiencing the local culture and cuisine? You’re really missing out on something wonderful if you fail to venture outside of your hotel and sample some of the local cuisine. Here are a few examples of places you should visit that will tantalise your taste-buds…

As well as exploring the mystical sights and soaking up the atmosphere, don’t forget to treat your taste-buds to some amazing cuisine that Japan is famous for! There’s classics such as sushi, noodles, tempura and teriyaki but be a little adventurous whilst staying here and get your taste-buds around Japanese Pumpkin, Daikon, Nori, Wasabi then wash it down with rice wine!

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We all know that Americans like to do things on a big scale and that is definitely continued through to their food – the portion sizes are HUGE! If you love the programme “Man V Food” and fancy a challenge, head over to Texas and if you can eat a 72oz steak along with a baked potato, salad, dinner roll and shrimp cocktail – you won’t have to pay for it and will join the ranks of other Big Texas Champions. It’s harder than it looks and lots of people have failed, are you up for the challenge? If so, head to Amarillo. There are numerous other dishes you can rustle up from American Popular Culture from the usual burgers and ribs to soul food of the Deep South. Favourites include: tiger prawn jambalaya, lobster thermidor & chips and of course, who could forget Mac and Cheese!

The UK
Believe it or not but there are a variety of dishes that you should sample if you are opting for a ‘staycation’ this year. Don your kilt and sporran to sample the haggis whilst on holidays to Scotland and if you cross the wild Irish Sea, make sure you have a pint of the Black & White stuff (Guinness) as well as a piece of soda bread as you join in the craic. No visit to The West Country of England would be complete without a cream tea – it would be rude not to! How about jellied eels in East London or traditional fish & ships on the shores of Whitby in Yorkshire. Cross over the border into Wales and you can tickle your taste-buds with a portion of Welsh Rarebit, a Glamorgan sausage, laver bread or have afternoon tea with a selection of homemade Welsh Cakes.

South America
Here’s your opportunity to go on a culinary journey as you explore the delights and sights of South America on holiday. As you relax on the beaches of Brazil, cool yourself down with a Caipirinha’s and maybe enjoy a quick snack of creamy corn empanadas. If you’re not a fan of the corn, spice up your life with empanadas that are full to the brim with spiced beef. Jazz up your sirloin steak by having it barbecued and maybe cover it with chimichurri sauce. Unless you’re feeling brave and don’t mind having your head blown off with spice, avoid the habañero chillies!

Holidays to Spain aren’t restricted to just flamenco dancing, sightseeing and bullfighting, you can enjoy a tantalising mix of flavours as you experiment with Spanish cuisine. The tradition in Spain is to have your main meal at lunchtime and have tapas when the evening comes around. There are so many wonderful meals to try out whether you like it hot or cold. Gazpacho is a favourite as well as paella so don’t leave for home without trying them first. You’ll also find many dishes containing chorizo, Serrano ham, Manchego, octopus, sardine and paprika. Wash it all down with a sparkling glass of cava or top up your vitamin C intake with a Seville orange or two!

Rachel Jones writes for Door2Tour coach holidays ( If someone gave her £5000 to spend on a holiday, she would: "Really get away from it all, on the other side of the world, by booking a holiday to Australia! You see so much about this country on TV that it would just be great to actually visit it for myself. I'd want to give myself a challenge and climb the Sydney Harbour, experience opera for the first time at the Sydney Opera House, head out to the outback and perhaps have a go at the didgeridoo!"

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