Choosing The Right Fire For Your Home

When choosing a fire for your home there are many things to consider, such as the size of the room, whether you have a chimney or if you are planning to install one as well as how the fire will look.

A fireplace will create a focal point in your room making it warm and welcoming. You should make sure that the fireplace you choose will fit in with the style of your room. There are different types of fire surrounds available and what is suitable will depend on your fuel type. Light colours around an open fire or stove will mark easily and begin to look dirty over time.
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Choosing The Size
A fireplace which is too large will look overbearing and out of place, but on the other hand, one which is too small will not be noticed and will not provide enough warmth to heat the room.

If you have a stove which is too small you may end up over filling it to keep warm. This can cause damage to your stove as well as causing tar to build up in your chimney.

When you are looking at stoves they will give a guide in watts to say how much heat they produce. To work out how many watts you need to heat your room, work out how large your floor area is in square metres then multiply this by one hundred. This is of course, just a rough guide, many fire suppliers you can find online will be happy to help you work out the most efficient fire for you.

Choosing A Fuel Type
Many fires need some sort of venting system such as a brick built chimney for an open fire or multi fuel stove and a chimney or flue for a gas fire. If your chimney is old you may be able to have a chimney liner fitted instead of repairing the brickwork.

If you don't have a chimney it may be possible to have a flue built to an outside wall to expel gases produced from a gas fire. Alternatively, an electric fire does not need a chimney and these can be placed in any room, even a basement because there are no harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, produced.

Whichever type of fire you decide to go for, there are plenty of choices of fire surrounds and hearths which will complete the fireplace and create the ideal look.

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