7 Rug Ideas To Bring Your Home To Life

7 Rug Ideas To Bring Your Home To Life
Although rugs have been used throughout history for the purpose of collecting dirt and debris from entranceways and providing warmth and softness to hard surfaced floors, they have also developed into a true art form and an essential home décor accent. Rugs are made from a variety of materials including wool, hemp, cotton, silk and synthetics like polypropylene. They can be made by hand, loom or machine or sometimes a combination of these methods.

Today, crafters, interior designers and upcyclers are using rugs to do more than cover a floor. They’re turning them into a variety of home accents that are fun, functional and beautiful. Here’s a list of unusual uses for rugs or rug pieces that show the versatility of rugs and how they can be used in new and exciting ways.

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1) Upholstery material
Thinly woven and low pile rugs make the perfect fabric to upholster items like dining room chairs, headboards, benches and ottomans. Silk carpets are especially suited for upholstery use because of their flexibility. However, any thin rug can be used including lightweight cotton rugs or open weave wool rugs.

2) Wall hangings
A bare wall will come alive when a beautifully designed and crafted rug is used as a wall hanging. Some people do away with a headboard for their bed and hang a colorful, area rug on the wall instead. Runner carpets look gorgeous over fireplace mantels, and fake fur rugs can soundproof the family room and give the room a fun and unusual ambiance.

3) Bed and table linens
Vintage and antique rugs are often threadbare in spots, but that doesn’t stop creative people from finding new ways to use these beauties from the past. Crafters cut the rugs into usable pieces that they then fashion into placemats and table runners for example. Larger rugs, even with holes, may be folded at the bottom of the bed for a warm, layered look.

4) Accent pillows and throws
An off-white sofa or chair becomes outstanding with the addition of pillows and throws that have been made from thin or open weave rugs. Even the original fringing on an Oriental rug may be salvaged to bind off a pillow or add detailing to a throw.

5) Canopies or awnings
Although pergolas have become more popular for decks and patios, many people find that a few wooden slats do not give enough shade for comfortable dining or outdoor enjoyment. By covering the pergola with a weatherproof area rug, homeowners have the shade they want without having to spend money on custom awnings.

6) Pet beds and scratching posts
Pieces of soft rug, especially cotton or wool, make a great pet bed. Just cut the rug to the size of the box and place inside. If you want to get fancy, you can hot glue pieces of rug to the outside of a cardboard box for a designer pet bed. Wrap a textured rug like hemp around a sturdy post and you’ve created the idea cat scratching post.

7) Floor protectors
Even a small scrap of rug can be repurposed. Use tiny scraps of rug to glue on chair and table legs to protect your floors, and save larger pieces to put under heavy furniture so you can move them with ease.

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