Why Scotland Can't Fail In Its Appeal To Tourists

For a lot of people living in England, Scotland has a huge sense of appeal. The adverts for the Scottish tourist board often create a deep sense of longing in the person who needs a holiday, thanks to that music and all those images of the perfect retreat!

Of course it's all advertising, but that doesn't mean that the central values aren't true. Those adverts are explaining all of the best bits about Scotland and when you are on holiday, surely those are the things you are going to seek out. They even make light of the fact that the weather is unpredictable and suggest that rain and wind are just another kind of good weather.

Well, aren't they? Rain and wind can contribute just as much to the perfect retreat as wall to wall sunshine - just as grassy hillsides, lakes, mountains, forests and meadows can contribute just as much as beautiful beaches.

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What makes the advertising for holidays in Scotland so good is the fact that it appeals to all of the things people tend to want most from a holiday - provided you're not the sort of person who wants sunburn, tacky clubs and a two-week hangover.

Those things include time and space. People love having a bit of time and space so they can take things down a step and forget about some of their worries or at least their brain into a lower gear. Time and space is afforded by the natural beauty of Scotland - it's open hills, its lochs, it's coastal wonders.

Those things also include activity. Lots of people see holidays as the ideal opportunity to be active in more positive ways - ways that focus the mind and body on enjoyment rather than toil. Again, you have to look at the natural aspects of Scotland to see that there is plenty of opportunity to get out and explore.

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Then there is the culture and the social side of Scotland - the food and drink, the good company, the nightlife and the warmth of the people. These make Scotland incredibly inviting because they offer lots of enjoyment within a relaxed setting that doesn't tax the mind in any capacity, but engages it in a positive way.

It helps that Scotland also has a great tradition in the field of art, literature and music. The country is responsible for so much of the artistic output of Britain and this makes it even more enticing as a holiday destination.

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Gary Barton is a keen advocate of the Scottish holiday and advises those who haven't been here before to try somewhere with a bit of scenery, such as Hotel Inverness.

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