What Are The Best Types Of Gifts? Edible Ones!

Sometimes it can be downright frustrating trying to figure out the perfect holiday gift for everyone in your life. Whether it’s because they already seem to have everything they want, or you are simply at a loss for ideas, edible holiday gifts can offer the ideal solution. When it comes to handing that person a basket filled with their favorite treats, it’s a guaranteed win. Instead of searching endlessly for the latest and greatest gadget, choose something that will please a person’s palate.

Lots of Little Holiday Chocolates
The confectionary delight that is the lots of little holiday chocolates is the best choice for the chocolate addict in your life. The largest package includes white chocolate gummy bears, Rocky Road popcorn, chocolate almond bark, white chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate pretzels, caramel squares, chocolate cinnamon squares, a dunked marshmallow stick and old fashioned malted milk balls.

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Farmhouse Gourmet Pantry
The gourmet pantry is a great one to give to the people in your life who prefer indulging in savory treats over the sweet stuff. Although it does include a few sugary items (because let’s face it, even salty food lovers crave them), this package mainly features gourmet items like rosemary sea salt crackers, hot pepper and provolone cheeses, spicy nut mix, California pistachios, artichoke lemon pesto and rose wine infused salami.

Noel Sucre Sweets
For those who don’t discriminate when it comes to sweeties, this holiday themed gift box is sure to bring smiles. Included with the largest crate of sweets is a mix of gummy candies such as red, green and mango Aussie licorice, Swedish fish and peach rings as well as milk chocolate pretzels and butter toffee peanuts. This choice will definitely have those with a sweet tooth thanking you whole heartedly.

Savory, Salty & Sweet
The savory, salty & sweet gift box may be the way to go if you want to send one crate to a family of people who have different tastes. The biggest size comes with peanut brittle, jumbo corn nuts, milk chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, Bavarian pretzels, dried fruit medley, caramel almond popcorn, pistachios, Swedish fish, chocolate peppermint Oreos and gourmet trail mix.

Olive & Cocoa’s Edible Gifts
Each of the edible Christmas gifts offered by Olive & Cocoa come packaged in a hand crafted wooden crate that includes a gorgeous ribbon wrapped around it. For some orders, you are able to choose between one of three different sizes: petite, medium and large. The largest sizes have more of the good stuff in them, and sometimes an item or two not included in the smaller versions. All orders can be conveniently made online at any time.
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