Top Locations Around Chania, Greece Prefecture

Top Locations Around Chania, Greece Prefecture
In the prefecture of Chnia you’ll find five different provinces and also twenty-five administrative regions. The provinces include Kydonia, Kissamos, Apokoronas, Selino and also Sfakia. Within these regions lie many amazing attractions, some of which may make it hard for you to ever leave! If you’re looking to give yourself the dream holiday that you deserve, you should look into checking out some of the following locations.

Kydonia Province

The coastal areas of Kydonia are considered to be a large tourist area. There’s plenty of beaches that have luxury hotels, apartments and many other areas of entertainment. You can find an assortment of fine eateries that have everything that Greek cuisine has to offer. As you head inland you’ll notice beautiful green lowlands that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Chania Old Town
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The primary crop within this region is oranges. When you make your way to the more southern areas you’ll notice that the area is riddled with beautiful hills that are home to many different types of vegetation. One of the most popular types of trees in this region is the olive tree. As you head even further south, you will be captivated by the huge mountains that seem to touch the sky.

Chania Old Town

Chania is the popular city that’s also the capital of West Crete. The charming city is home to around 50,000 people and the culture is very well-versed. One of the main attractions in Chania is the Old Town, which has a plethora of beautiful ancient buildings. Other parts of the city are more modern and are catered toward exciting nightlife and fine dining. Chania is also home to a few of Crete’s most beautiful beaches. Here you can relax in the sun and take in the beauty of the clear water and ocean breeze.

Rooms in Chania
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Kissamos Region

In western Crete you’ll notice that the region of Kissamos is the home many beautiful attractions. The wondrous bay of Kastelli is like going back in time. It’s nearly deserted, and the only thing that still remains is the mass amount of beauty! You won’t find too many tourists in this area, which is great if you are looking to have a peaceful holiday with minimal annoyances.


Sfakia is one of the largest areas in Crete and it’s a great place to visit. You’ll notice that the people here are very traditional in their ways and enjoy a simple life that is based on happiness rather than modernization. This area consists of many mountainous areas and the land is absolutely stunning. Just walking through the Sfakia will make you feel as if you’re in a picture! There are several gorges in the area that are ideal for hiking and one of the most famous is known as the gorge of Samaria.

Crete really has a lot to offer you and your family and if you want to take a vacation, this might just be the perfect choice! Give you and your family the holiday they deserve by taking a trip to the beautiful Crete!
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