How To Plan A Romantic Trip Away In Your Caravan This Valentine's

The Christmas and New Year festivities may seem like a distant memory, now all that indulging is over and you’re back at work. However Valentine’s is very nearly upon us and it’s time to show your other half just how much they mean to you. But how are you going to top last year? Forget the roses and the chocolates - surprise them with a romantic trip away in… a caravan! Now your first thought may be that this doesn’t sound like a particularly romantic scene BUT follow these top tips and you’ll be on to a winner:

To plan the perfect weekend away you just need to work out the Where, the When, the Why and the How!

1. Where?

This part is up to you – but wherever you choose it needs to be romantic. Maybe there is specific place that is particularly special to you and your partner – perhaps the place you met, your first holiday together or maybe even your honeymoon destination.

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If you can’t think of a specific place, a romantic seaside town or a secluded village could also be an option. Cornwall and Wales are rife with these tiny little villages and seaside towns, perfect for a quiet, romantic weekend away. Polperro and Looe in Cornwall are two ideal places for a Valentine’s retreat. With plenty of little beaches to visit and a host of quaint shops positioned on intricate winding streets.

2. When?

Well, you need to plan it for somewhere around February 14th! If this means booking time of work you might have to be a bit sneaky and appeal to your partner’s boss’ better nature and see if you can book the time off without them knowing.

3. Why?

Because the traditional bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates is old hat now, it’s time to up your game and do something a little bit different. For some people perhaps a luxury hotel would sound slightly more appealing than a caravan but think about the possibilities. You have the freedom to go wherever you like, simply hitch up the caravan and point the car in the direction you wish to head.
You also have the ability to have a weekend that is purely about the two of you together, being in a caravan they’ll be no noisy neighbours to contend with, no cleaner disturbing you and no one telling you what time you have to go down for breakfast. You can choose your itinerary for the weekend.

4. How?

It’s all in the planning, once you’ve decided where you’re going to take your other half you can decide what other treats you want in store for Valentine’s Day. Whether you cook them breakfast in bed or whisk them off to a café to watch the sunrise over the sea. Your day could be sent shopping in those little streets or if Cornwall is your chosen destination you could head over to the Eden Project. The evening could be spent in a cosy little local pub or you could grab a picnic and find a cliff top to watch the sunset before heading back to your snug little caravan to cuddle up and watch your favourite films.

A romantic weekend away in a caravan, if executed correctly could be the perfect gesture to win over that special someone’s heart or rekindle your love for each other.
Meredith Watts
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