How Long Can A Pair Of Jeans Actually Last?

Jeans are a staple element of the modern wardrobe to the extent that almost everyone has at least one pair and many people wear them most of time. Jeans are popular because they are inexpensive, versatile, practical and available in a huge variety of styles. They are also incredibly durable items which can be worn again and again before they give up the ghost. The question is how long could you really make your jeans last?

Durable Denim

Denim fabric is so hard wearing and jeans construction so good that you have to wear a decent pair of jeans many times before they start to really show signs of wear. Naturally frequent washes will fade the colour and cramming yourself into a spray-on pair will put stress on the zip and seams but most jeans will happily cope with over a hundred outings before they run into trouble.

Pair Of Jeans
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Depending on how many pairs you own, this could see your jeans offering a good two to five years’ service before you might have to consider moving on. The only other factor which might influence this situation is the constantly changing fashion landscape. Are you prepared to wear your skinny jeans when they are out of favour and replaced by the next big thing?


When your jeans are showing signs of age it is time to make some alterations if you want to preserve them for longer. This can also help deal with changes in fashion. If the distressed look is in you don’t have to do anything as you will have inadvertently created a fashion masterpiece but if not then any faded areas can be covered or enhanced by the additional of patches, decorative features and the application of fabric dyes. Your old pair of jeans will be instantly transformed into customised, unique garments and enjoy a whole new life. If your jeans are ripped, any damage can also be concealed with patches and decorations unless ripped jeans are in in which case wear them as they are with pride!

Further Wear

After further wear your jeans may start to scream “no more”! Rips can widen, knees can sag and hems can rip. When this happens and your jeans can no longer be worn it is time for some drastic action. Take a good pair of scissors and cut the legs off to form a pair of shorts. It is usually the legs that give up first so why not use the rest of the garment for a little longer! If you do this do not throw away the sections you have removed as they can experience a new life too!


When your jeans have finally died or you have been forced to remove the legs the story is still not over. Use the denim fabric to make fashion and home accessories like bags, cushions, curtain ties and hairbands. Failing that ensure that all of the fabric is sent for recycling where the cotton can be re-used in the manufacture new fabric which can then be fashioned into new garments. You see your jeans really can simply live forever and in doing so provide you with excellent value for money and help save the planet’s resources. Perfect!

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