Four Extremely Annoying Customer Service Turn-Offs

Four Extremely Annoying Customer Service 
While the struggle continues for high street retailers to compete with their online equivalents, there are still plenty of reasons why you’d decide to take a trip down to your local shopping center against surfing the web.

Primarily speaking, high street retailers have a significant advantage over online stores when it comes to clothing. Unfortunately (for the moment at least), there’s no way to tell if that t-shirt or pair of shoes fit from the viewing disposition of your PC, laptop, smartphone or any other web-enabled device (there are, of course, too many to list).

This is all leads to the importance afforded to good quality customer service. If we are presented with exemplary customer service from a high-street store then we’re much more likely to keep on buying from there, right? Even if rival stores are cheaper in comparison, a poor standard of customer service will prevent us from going back.

So what makes us turn our backs to certain retail outlets or any type of service that requires communication with the customer? Here are four customer service turn-offs.

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1) Over eagerness
While it’s important to address the concerns, complaints or queries of a customer as best as possible, there needs to be a balance struck between helpfulness and overzealous behaviour. A customer does not want to be hassled. Often, shop assistants can appear far too eager to help you with your shopping or to sell their product by immediately approaching you and engaging in their sales or customer service bravado.

2) Under qualified
Does a member of a customer service team or shop assistant fail to address your concern? Whether it’s dealing with your problem at source or referring you to another member of staff, customer service should always try to provide you with a solution to your query. If they don’t, then it’s likely the individual or operation in question aren’t qualified enough to help you.

3) Acting rude or dismissive
“The customer is always right” is a saying that you may have come across in the past. While this is not necessarily true (well, it isn’t), the pretence is that you should always listen to the customer. That means taking any type of problem into full consideration and doing your best to solve it. By ignoring the concerns of a customer or acting distastefully, the service is failing to fulfil its remit.

4) Inappropriately dressed
Most retail stores will incorporate their very own dress code – in fact, it would be a surprise if any didn’t. However, there may be employees who attempt to rebel against a dress code by customising their attire – all of which takes away from the professional image of a business. Whether it’s an untucked shirt, over-the-top jewellery or music headphones, a lack of adherence to a dress code can really harm custom.

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Matthew Wood
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This guest post article has been written by Matthew Wood who has used a number of personal experiences to develop his customer service pet hates. Matthew is writing content for GLOMACS, a training and consultancy company who deliver customer service training seminars.

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