Forget The Curb Appeal: Deterring Burglars Before They Break In

We all fear a break in where our valued possessions can be stolen, and even worse, where our lives and the safety of our family can be put at risk. And while you might be quick to call 911 whenever a break-in happens, there are several things you can do to deter burglars from picking your house in the first place. Take a look at the following tips to start making your house an unlikely target.

Keep Things Modest
It’s a well-known joke that suburban homes all look the same from the outside. The term “cookie cutter” has even begun to apply to housing developments. While many of us don’t relish this joke, it can help us deter burglars. Consider this: if your home looks exactly the same as five other house to your left and right from the street, why should a burglar chose to rob your house? Other than pure chance, there’s not much reason. That is unless they see your shiny new car parked out front, an expensive grill/smoker combo in the yard, and your kid’s new bicycles on the side of the house. While you might like showing off to your neighbors, you’re also showing off to burglars. Keep things modest on the outside of your house so you blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. You should also be conscious of the trash you leave in front of your home. Big TV boxes and lots of catalogs can also signify that there are expensive possessions worth breaking in for.

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Leave The Lights On
Get in the habit of leaving a couple of lights on, even when you’re not home. Having a porch light shining through the night, as well as a few motion detector lights out front can deter burglars by themselves. If they believe that someone is home or that they will be more visible due to all the lights, they will be less likely to break in. Also, leave a light or two on inside your house that can be seen from the outside. A hallway or kitchen light will signify that someone is up and about inside the home, deterring burglars from getting caught in the act. It might hike up your electricity bill a little bit, but your personal safety is worth it.

Don’t Publicize Vacations
We all get excited when it’s vacation time, so much so that we tweet it out to the world. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake because it lets people know when you’re not home. Even if you have a private account on a social media site, your information can be passed around without you ever knowing. Before going on vacation, you should also prepare your house so it doesn’t look like no one will be around for a week. Ask your neighbors to collect your mail and any packages you might receive, or ask your post office to hold any mail until you return. Keep doors and windows locked, and set a few lights on a timer so they can still turn on at night and make it appear as if someone is home. Even though you might be thousands of miles away, you can still make sure your home is protected.

Locked, Closed, And Drawn
There are surprising statistics about how many burglaries are crimes of opportunity and convenience. Don’t let your house become another burglary statistic because you left a door or window unlocked or curtain undrawn, exposing your expensive flat screen TV and surround sound system. When you leave your house or settle down for the night, make sure everything from your garage door to backyard patio door are shut and locked. Pull your blinds down, draw your curtains, and keep expensive items out of sight. But don’t get too carried away with privacy. High fences and tall trees are great for keeping prying eyes out, but they also keep concerned neighbors from seeing suspicious activity happening in your yard.

Broadcast Your Security
Let potential burglars know that you have a security system and you’re not afraid to use it. Most security companies offer to put up stickers and yard signs to let the outside world that your home is protected. You should also consider getting a “beware of dog” sign, even if you only have a tiny Pomeranian or no dog at all. These warning signs are great from keep burglars off your property and can deter them from even stepping foot on your drive way. Broadcasting the fact that you have a security system adds to the effectiveness of having a system in place.

Protecting your possessions, your family, and yourself is always your top priority, but having a plan for when a break-in happens might not be enough. Stop burglars from ever picking your house by keeping the outside appearance modest, leaving bright lights on, and showing off your security systems.
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Pete Wise is a Copywriter working for ASG, a Security Systems company that specializes in Colorado Home Security.Their website offers a free security audit and comparison tool to see what securty companies in Colorado can do for you and your family.

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