Five Tips To Make Your Nighttime Party A Success

Parties are great, but they’re a lot more fun for the guests than they are for the host. Party planning and trying to perfect every detail before the event is stressful. You worry if the party is going to turn out okay. Will everyone have fun? Will anything go wrong? You try to cover every angle.
If you’re planning to have your party at night, there are some special considerations you might want to make that might not be so important during the day. Here are some tips for making your nighttime party a success.

Light Up the Driveway
Depending on where you live, it might be easier or harder for your guests to locate the party. If they’ve never been to your house before, it will be more of a challenge. It’s much harder to see house numbers and driveway entrances at night, so do something to illuminate the way for your guests. Reflectors, outdoor lighting, LED lights, or colorful signs and balloons can help make the entrance to your party stand out to drivers. Make sure that the pathway to the front door or backyard is well-lit, too, with walkway lights or something similar.

Nighttime Party
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Make It Glow
If you really want to have fun at your nighttime party, then break out the glow sticks. Glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow paint - there are so many things you can get for the party that will instantly add another element of fun. People will love lighting themselves up with different glow products or paint. When the lights are down low and it’s dark, this is sure to be a big hit.

Make Strategic Use of Lighting
If your party is outside when it’s dark, you should put extra thought into all of the lighting for the event. Test everything out before the party. How dark is your yard, really? If you’re going to have food and drinks set up outside, will people be able to see them well enough to serve themselves? Will they even be able to find the cooler or appetizers? Are there any areas, like steps or raised ground, that people tend to trip on? If so, light up the area enough for safety.

Plan for Sleepovers
When your party is at night, the thing your guests are going to do right after is go home and go to sleep. If there is going to be drinking at your party, plan to invite your guests to stay overnight - or have the number and cash for a cab ready. Nothing will ruin a good night of partying like a DUI or worse. Have accommodations, like pillows and blankets, all ready to go.

These are just some of the things to consider for a nighttime party. Remember that the darkness will really affect an outside party, so be prepared. The tone of a party is also very different at night than during the day, so be ready to join the fun. And don’t forget tip number five: Remember that your neighbors might be sleeping, so keep it down (a little)!
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