5 Great Apps to Find Great Restaurant Near You

As a restaurant owner, you know that online reviews of your restaurant are critical to your success. Restaurant guide apps are especially important, because people use them when they’re on-the-go to find a place to eat - right at the time they’re hungry and ready for food. Monitoring your reviews and profiles on these apps can help ensure that your restaurant sees the success it deserves.

LocalEats is one of the coolest restaurant guide apps, and many people - especially those who are “foodies” - use it to help them find the best restaurants nearby. LocalEats only lists small businesses - there are no national chains in their directory. Because of this, it helps people narrow their search down to one-of-a-kind spots and hidden gems. If you’re a restaurant owner, you definitely want to watch your ratings and reviews from users of this app.

Yelp is the most popular app for finding restaurants, so you can’t afford not to monitor it. The sheer number of Yelp users makes it likely that you’ll see most of your reviews from customers on this site. It’s important that you claim your Yelp listing on the website, so that you’re able to add or correct information in your restaurant’s profile or respond to reviews. This is an app that people everywhere will be using for a long time in order to find new, great places to eat.

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UrbanSpoon is another of the most popular apps for finding restaurants. Diners can check out restaurants nearby, read reviews, and preview their menus. Once again, “foodies” in particular love this app, so it’s even more important for you to monitor your reviews on it to make sure that you’re keeping the users of UrbanSpoon happy with your restaurant, food, and service.

FoodSpotting is an app with a unique approach to restaurant-finding. It has reviews and many of the same features as other apps, but it’s primary focus is on user-submitted photos of restaurants and their food. Users can take photos of their dishes and post to the site. You definitely want to make sure that your restaurant has a good image - literally. This app can help you improve the visual appeal of your food. If plating is something you give very high priority to in your restaurant, this app is one you want to monitor in particular.

OpenTable is a great app because it allows users to make reservations directly from the app in real-time. If you want people to be able to make reservations for your restaurant, you should contact the OpenTable management team through their website so you can find out how to become a part of things. OpenTable also supports user reviews and ratings. Giving diners the ability to make reservations automatically can increase the chances that they’ll dine with you.

There are other restaurant guide apps that people might use, of course, so it never hurts to explore your profile on as many apps as possible - just make sure you focus on these five!
Garrett Payne
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Garrett Payne is an online review management professional with a special interest in restaurant review tracking. Garrett encourages people to profile these apps to ensure that your restaurant sees the success it deserves.

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