Five Literary Masterpieces Set In The Alps

Five Literary Masterpieces Set In The Alps
It should come as no surprise that the Alps have always fascinated artists and writers. This majestic mountain range provides huge inspiration for those who are interested in the beautiful and the sublime. It's these very qualities that draw travelers and tourists from all over the world to discover the Alps.

The Alps, then, has inevitably featured in some famous works of literature over the years. For some, they are simply the perfect setting for sublime and beautiful stories. For others, they reflect the deep challenges of their characters. For still others, the very sight of the Alps is just so moving that it spurs the creative impulse.

So what famous pieces of literature are most famously connected with the Alps? The following few stand out.

Masterpieces Set In The Alps
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Manfred is a sensational gothic drama by Lord Byron and much of the action takes place in the Alps where the scenery provides the perfect backdrop for the chief character's mental struggle. In his despair, Manfred conjures spirits from another world and contemplates suicide on the Jungfrau. It's exciting stuff and the Alpine setting really adds to the drama and the power.

Byron was friends with the Percy and Mary Shelley and they probably all discussed the power of the Alps as a setting. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, that famous tale of man over-reaching his boundaries, the Alps play a duel role. They provide the beautiful and serene setting for the monster's decision to lead a life of virtue like the family he observes. When they reject him, the story turns hellish and the violence of Mont Blanc provides the powerful backdrop to much of the novel's more disturbing elements.

Alps Mountains
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The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann had his main character Hans Castorp head to the Alps on a visit to a sanatorium to see his sick cousin. The very nature of time seems to change when he gets there and he experiences quite a profound change in his understanding. The visit turns into a seven year stay as Castorp struggles to cast off the spell of his surroundings.

A Farewell to Arms
Henry and Catherine retreat to the Alps in Hemingway's masterpiece. The idea is to escape all the violence and terror of the rest of the world, but they mistake the mountains for a blissful utopia. This setting is juxtaposed with the tragedy of their human story.

Women in Love
The Alps feature heavily in this masterpiece by DH Lawrence. Again, the Alps offer a sort of wonderful retreat for the characters that soon becomes the scene of great emotional upheaval and ultimately tragedy.

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