Five Diamond Anniversary Ideas Fit For A Queen

Five Diamond Anniversary Ideas Fit For A Queen
The Queen of England marks her Diamond Jubilee this year, celebrating 60 years on the throne. But she won’t be the only person with a diamond anniversary to celebrate, with diamond also being the theme for 60 years of marriage, with long-lasting couples and their families across the country looking for special ways to mark their own milestone.

Plan a holiday
Many couples celebrated their marriage with a honeymoon so sticking to that idea for a relaxing way to mark 60 years together would be a great idea too. It’s good enough for the Queen, in fact, the occasion of her diamond jubilee has been deemed so special that everyone in the country is due a day off with an extra bank holiday brought in to help the country celebrate with her.

Request a royal telegram
While Queen Elizabeth is unlikely to be sending herself a telegram you can request that she sends one to you and your partner or a couple in your family who will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. It can add a regal flavour to your own celebrations and makes for something truly special to treasure. Royal messages from the Queen are sent to couples celebrating their 60th, 65th and 70th wedding anniversaries and you can request one to make sure it arrives by applying through the official website for the British Monarchy.

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A lifetime of memories
Newspapers, magazines and books will be flooding the shelves of newsagents and shops over the coming months looking back on the past 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, no doubt filled with photographs, newspaper articles and other memorable moments. If you’re looking for ideas for diamond anniversary gifts for a special couple in your life, perhaps your parents or grandparents, then collecting memorabilia, photographs and newspaper clippings from their six decades together would be a special gift that everyone in the family would enjoy looking through, especially the diamond couple.

Host a street party
The bunting will be out in force this June when the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations get into full swing. You can always take a leaf out of her book and plan a traditional-themed tea party for that special couple marking their 60th wedding anniversary. You may even want to invite all the neighbours to make a street party of your own, but if taking over the road may be out of the question then any party with all of the couple’s family, friends and loved ones will still be a wonderful occasion.

Well, you can’t celebrate a diamond anniversary without diamonds can you? You don’t have to try and compete with the crown jewels in terms of price but some understated jewellery such as a diamond necklace or bracelet, earrings or cufflinks would add some welcome sparkle to the occasion. For something practical that can treasured as well, his and hers diamond watches will be a lovely symbol of their time together.

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