Classic Wedding Traditions: What Do They Mean?

Classic Wedding Traditions
Have you ever wondered where all the classic wedding traditions came from and what they actually mean? So many brides and grooms carry out these acts at their wedding with no real thought to what it actually symbolizes. So, if you are going to do them, why not know why? Plus, it is a great conversation piece for your guests!

Throw Rice
The throwing of the rice symbolizes symbolizes fertility. The tradition of tossing it at the happy couple was started in the Orient. Rice was thrown at the newlyweds in the hope that it Bring many children into their lives. Nowadays, couples are opting for birdseed, as it is a more eco-friendly choice. Did you know that rice can actually be harmful to birds?

Throw the Bouquet and Garter
The tossing of the garter and bouquet began in France in the 1300s. The wedding guests would actually chase the bride and rip off her garter as a they believed it was a sing good luck in the future. Thank goodness this tradition is no longer carried out. Now, the groom usually removes it from the bride’s let and tosses it to the single men at the wedding. The bouquet tradition is still very popular. It is tossed later in the reception to the single ladies at the wedding. Whoever catches the bouquet is thought to be the next one to tie the knot

Classic Wedding Traditions
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Carry the Bride Across the Threshold
The tradition of carrying the bride across the threshold of a door was originated in Rome, Italy. Word has it that the bride was carried across the threshold because she was reluctant to enter the bridal quarters for the night. These days, it is done merely for fun, if at all.

The Wedding Cake: What is a wedding without a wedding cake?
Wedding cakes originated in ancient Rome. Here is a fun fact; a loaf of bread was broken over the brides head to symbolize hope for a fertile happy life as a couple. The guests would then eat the crumbs as to add to the symbolization that it is good luck for the couple. The tradition was updated and found its way to England in the middle ages, where our tradition today exists. Now, the cake is there and the bride and groom cut it, feed each other a slice as a way to add some fun to the reception.  Following that, the guests then get their own slice.
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