Christmas Markets, The Happiest Place On Earth?

If you are one of the folk lucky enough to live in a town or city that has a Christmas market every yuletide season, you'll likely have spent a great deal of time perusing the stalls.

There is something almost romantic about our brothers and sisters from across the seas flocking across for a month at the end of every year to sell off their handmade wares and products all in the name of the festive season. And it is this romance of the occasion that makes the attractiveness of a Christmas market so great.

Maybe it's the prospect of managing to feast your eyes and hands on the products, food and drink that you cannot usually find throughout the rest of the year. Or maybe it's the opportunity to get wrapped up nice and warm and huddle together with a warm mug of mulled wine whilst the weather it generally at its chilliest. Maybe it is just the feeling of tradition of visiting a place stocked to the brim with Christmassy items and titbits that invokes a warm and loving sensation in us all.

Whatever it is, it is not often you come across a person who is dismissive of a Christmas market and everything they represent and stand for. Someone wandering through one of the makeshift marketplaces will be greeted by the sights of other likeminded individuals with a festive grin on their face and a festive beverage and snack or two in their hands whilst having a peruse around the various stalls to see what products and wares they have on offer.  Many of these gifts are a great idea for a quirky and fun gift for friends and loved ones.

Strawberry Cake
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There is usually some sort of entertainment involved in a Christmas market too. It may be music or a performance but, whatever it is, the same festive grin will usually be found on the faces of the audience and probably another round of festive beverages and snacks found in their hands too.

The majority of Christmas markets will also sell items to festively decorate the home too. Quality, real Christmas trees are usually the mainstay of their decorative offerings and the opportunity for some people to own a real Christmas tree (and the unmistakable real Christmas tree smell that comes with it) will be too good to pass up. Add in the handmade decorations and the opportunity is there to create a festive living room that has been plucked straight out of a Disney movie.

Christmas markets, the happiest place in the world? Maybe.
Benjamin Booth
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