Celebrating Festas The Most Famous Maltese Traditions

Malta is known for its magical beauty that encompasses white beaches, prime diving spots, great nightlife, a rich and colorful history, and the most epic islands for traditional festivities and feasts. Several of the most celebrated Maltese traditions are the feasts surrounding the saints. As Malta is primarily Roman Catholic and - for the most part - rather religious, the locals are loyal in their religion and cultural celebrations.

Summer Fun

As Malta has nearly 300 days of sun, the island is constantly in the festive mood, but it’s during the summer months where there are traditional Maltese festivities every weekend. These festas are considered an integral part of the traditions, which are prepared for months in advance. The locals work really hard to ensure the patron saints are celebrated to the nth degree with bands and processions moving through the streets every weekend.

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These Maltese traditions are considered main social events and as Malta’s tourism industry becomes more attractive to foreigners, locals are encouraged to introduce tourists to the traditional Maltese lifestyles. If you want to visit Malta and experience the local villages and festivities the way they’ve been celebrated for centuries, then book yourself a local Malta tour during the summer season.
On the days of the feasts the patron saint of a particular Maltese parish hoisted into the air on the shoulders of parishioners while bands play and the villagers proceed through the streets. These Maltese traditions are colourful and vibrant. Traditional food is laid out such as the famous rich nougat and simple festive snacks.

Families gather in the centre of the villages to enjoy the summer sun and catch up on chats. Traditional feasts are then held as a way for the village to come together, and tourists are encouraged to join in the local community ambience and celebrations.

The most famous Maltese tradition of the festas is The Assumption of Our Lady. This particular festa is celebrated by all the colonial Maltese across the world on August 15th, and is amongst the most cultural festivals. Villages are brightly decorated with banners, flags and colourful adornments that hang from the buildings and household windows.

Locals can be seen enjoying the music and watching the bands that march through the streets each day of the full week of Maltese traditions and festivities. It’s a large gathering of locals who celebrate their religious roots the way only Malta knows how.
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