5 Reasons Why You Don't Need A Mansion To Be Happy

The first thing out of many peoples' mouths when they are talking about what they would do if they won the lottery is that they would buy a mansion. For some people, the word 'mansion' is synonymous not only with wealth but with happiness. But is this actually the case?

Whether you have lots of money or very little cash, and whether you are a large family or just a couple, living in a mansion will not necessarily bring you any more happiness than if you were living in a standard two up, two down house. Some people believe that owning or living in a mansion will make their lives happier and more fulfilling, but in actual fact owning a mansion end up being more trouble than it is worth.

Factors to consider with life in a mansion
We all strive to lead a full and happy life, but happiness is not something that you can buy or inherit within the walls of a huge, luxurious property. Sure, it may sound as though living in a mansion will make your life complete, but here are some reasons why this is not necessarily the case:

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  • A mansion won't make your problems disappear: Moving to a mansion may seem like a recipe for happiness, but this is not something that is going to make all your problems disappear in a puff of smoke. It just means that you will be able to dwell on your problems in a bigger property.
  • Isolation: Most mansions are literally stranded on their own with acres of surrounding land, which may sound nice at first but essentially means that you will have no neighbours. While it may feel like paradise being on your own at first, this novelty quickly wears off, and you could soon find yourself feeling very isolated and lonely. You simply won't have the same sense of warmth and community spirit that is achievable in a close knit community such as Allura.
  • Lack of security: Unless you are looking to employ your own security guards to watch your home, living in a mansion means that you leave yourself open to security issues. With no neighbours to look out for you, and a home that is far too big to keep your eye on properly, you could find yourself at increased risk of burglaries and break-ins – exacerbated by the fact that you live in a mansion so burglars will assume you have plenty of goodies in your home!
  • More to clean and heat: Living in a large mansion means that you will have more space – but this also means having more rooms to clean and heat, which equates to a heap of additional work and higher running costs.
  • No community spirit: When you live in a mansion, you are pretty much on your own other than those who live there with you. This means that you miss out on the heart warming delights of a rich community spirit, which is something that can create far more happiness in your life than being stranded without friends and neighbours in a large mansion.
So, although living in a mansion may be something you dream about, life in a mansion may not be as satisfying as you expect it to be. Opt for a decent-sized home in a close-knit community instead, and watch as your life is enriched every day.
Chris Spires
About the Author:

Chris Spires is a writer who is searching for his second home. He loves beautiful yet achievable property, such as those in Stockland’s Allura community, with close friends and neighbours.

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