3 Most Collectible Fashion Watches

Upon entering the world of watch collectors, you’ll soon realize that the average serious watch collector is a mixture of fashion geek and irredeemable nerd. Some combination of traits to have! Not all watches are created equal, and we’ve highlighted three watches that get the hearts of the hardcore collectors beating faster.

1. Swatch ‘Keith Haring’
Keith Haring, the New York artist who reached the peak of his fame in the 1980s, designed a limited edition run of watches for Swatch. The colourful bezels and straps featured his now-legendary designs of joyful scenes of happiness, life energy and unity. These watches will now fetch upwards of $1,000 when sold on auction websites. Haring’s style was influenced by graffiti and it was his intention to draw attention to political questions such as the crack epidemic in 80s NYC and the problem of AIDS. Haring’s designs look as perfectly balanced to this day – no wonder people are still so keen to snap them up.

Collectible Fashion Watches
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2. Casio Baby G ‘Frogman’
The Frogman is a Casio watch that gets the collectors salivating! It’s been a collectible since the launch of the first Frogman watch back in the 90s. It’s the only Casio watch which has been certified as a 200M diving watch. You can measure your dive time underwater, and the watch also comes with a time graph and a moon graph. It’s the ultimate G-shock watch – a series that has built its reputation on sturdiness and durability. The Frogman watches associated with the International Whale and Dolphin Association are extremely rare – so try and snap one up on eBay if you can.

3. Casio G-Shock II Mudman
This macho watch is a favourite of G-Shock fanatics. It sells at overseas auction for over $4,000 USD. It’s highly prized as a very dependable watch – a watch that will complete a collection and let you set your other watches to it! Some collectors say that that’s a bit of an inflated price but other people say that Casio have perfected this corner of the watch market and that this is the ideal watch for fanatics. You can find the contemporary Casio G-Shock collection at the http://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk online shop.

Most of the watches turn up on eBay from time to time, and if you have the cash then it isn’t that difficult to lay your hands on one. Make sure you find out the working condition of the watch from the seller, as well as reading up on how to identify a fake so that you know you’re getting the real deal. Happy timepiece hunting.
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