10 Things You Need To Consider When Opening A New Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant is challenging and exciting at the same time.  For many people, starting a new venture such as this is a dream come true and an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often.  If you are just about to open the doors on your new eatery, take a look at the checklist below to ensure you have taken all points into consideration.

1. Liability Insurance
Of course, you’re planning to wow people with your cuisine, not poison them, but mistakes can and do happen.  By taking out liability insurance you protect your patrons from illness, but also against trip hazards, assaults from staff (yes, it can happen!) and any other problems that might occur on your premises.  Many insurance companies offer restaurant liability insurance as a ‘bolt-on’ to your general liability insurance.

2. Business Viability
Is your restaurant viable?  If you’re planning a Mexican restaurant in a quiet sleepy village you should really do your research first.  So many businesses have opened and closed because they didn’t do their homework.
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3. Locality
Where is your restaurant going to be based?  Finding the best location can be fun and turn into a bit of a treasure hunt.  Whether you want to go for somewhere unique like a boatyard or railway sidings or you want to go for a more mainstream location, there are plenty of empty buildings out there waiting for you to renovate them.

4. Choosing a Niche
Do you have any idea who your customers will be?  Are you going for high end haute cuisine or for more budget-friendly fayre?  Your niche and customers will often go hand in hand with the location you choose so it’s important you do your homework again here.  Opening a high end restaurant in an exclusive and salubrious area is a no brainer really.

5. Sourcing the Right Furniture and Equipment
Fortunately, there are many companies offering furniture and catering equipment especially for the restaurant industry and you can also choose your items online.  Prioritise the things you need right away including ovens, freezers, fridges, tables, chairs and cash registers.  Forget about expensive accessories or décor at first.  This can be added as you go along.

6. Decorating
So many restaurants get their décor wrong.  It could be wise to hire an interior designer who can translate the vision you have for your restaurant into a paint colour for the walls.

7. Finding the Right Staff
Nothing can put people off of your restaurant more than rude or pushy staff.  Choosing the right waiting and front desk staff is just as important as choosing the right chef.  Get this right and it’s one less thing to worry about.

8. Creating a Menu
Creating your menu is another really exciting aspect of opening a restaurant.  Remember, less is often more.  By creating a tantalising menu full of local and seasonal produce and including a few specials, you give your customers a good choice without swamping them with too many dishes.

9. Create a List of Ingredients and Start Standing Orders
Speak to your chef to find out what he or she needs for the coming weeks.  Make sure you have enough condiments and basic ingredients available and then schedule standing orders for everything else.

10...and finally
Remember to have fun!  Sure, running a restaurant is tough, but it’s full of great experiences.  Get to know your customers, take care of your staff and create some wonderful memories for your customers.  The guidelines above are by no means exhaustive and you are sure to find obstacles along the way.  Our tips are there to give you food for thought and to turn your restaurant idea into a real recipe for success!
About the Author:

Claire White is an employee of ConstructaQuote, a company offering a wide range of public liability insurance policies.

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