Why Talstar is the Best Insecticide for Homeowners

Do it yourself pest control is something people do to because it saves money and allows for greater control than using an exterminator. However, most of us don’t want to apply three or four different types of pesticides if we’re doing our own pest control. So if you are looking for a pest control product that can work any where you need it and take out most of the bugs you might find, you might want to try a product that contains bifenthrin.  Bifenthrin’s safety and effectiveness had made it one of the most trusted products on the market.  It is also the active ingredient in Talstar insecticides.

Why Talstar is the Best
Because Talstar effectively eliminates over 75 different insects and because of that it is one of the most popular brands of professional grade pest control products.  This product is effective on, ants, fleas, stink bugs, and even bed bugs. You will most likely use this product to cerate a barrier in and around your home or office. But aside from the number of bugs it effects the product’s utility is greatly increased because of its long lasting (3 Months) effectiveness. However for the best results you will need to reapply this product every 21 days.

Best Insecticide for Homeowners

Where to Use It
The most common application method for this product is spraying it in a liquid form around the base of your home or along the baseboards inside your home. To use this product as a liquid you need to mix it in a 1 gallon sprayer with water and apply a 2-3 foot band around your home. Doing this will provide your home with a great preventive pest control. It can also be used as a knock down pesticide. If you desire to use it as a knock down you will probably want to pour some of your mixture into a smaller spray bottle. While the liquid is the most popular form this product comes in, it also comes in a granular form as well as an aerosol.

It Comes as a Granular Too
If you elect to use the granules for outdoor pest control then you will want to use a broadcaster (just like the ones used to seed grass) to distribute them through out your lawn. After you broadcast this product through out your lawn the granules will dissolve when they come in contact with water in effect spraying your whole lawn. If you apply this product during a dry spell you might want to water the lawn to activate the pesticide otherwise you might not get the same even application. This is a great way to treat and prevent ants, scorpions, and other common outdoor pests.

A third option for using this product is the 17oz. aerosol can. This is the best option if you want to use Talstar as a knock down product. It will work on many types flying insects including bees, wasp, and Mosquitoes. But knock down isn’t all this product can do; it can be used as in both indoor and out door perimeter applications as well. And because it is premixed there is no guess work involved in getting the correct mixture. This product is water based so it doesn’t stain or have an odor link many other knock down aerosols. Additionally this product is safe to use in and around places where food is prepared.

Safety Information
If safety is a concern you can feel safe with Talstar. Once Talstar dries it is pet and child safe. Also because it is water based it is non-flammable. It has also been approved for use in agricultural, residential, educational, and food preparation environments.

When you use any of these products make sure that you read the instructions for usage and safety instructions.

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This post was written by Frank Morris who is originally from Denver CO, but has lived on the east coat now for over 8 years. Frank specializes in home pest control products, like Talstar Pro, and has a great interest in helping people discover alternative methods to expensive services.

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