Why It's Important To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Making your home energy efficient isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint and saving the planet from climate change, it also holds many financial benefits as well as making your home welcoming and comfortable. With temperatures persistently dipping below freezing during the winter months and periods of ice cold snaps lasting longer, it is becoming increasingly vital for homes to hold onto as much heat as possible.

Rising energy prices have affected homes throughout the country, with prices rising by around 6% or more at the end of last year, adding around £80 a year to the average dual fuel bill. Investing in more energy efficient windows can limit the need to turn up your heating to the max and help your home hold in as much heat as possible during these bleak winter months.

Double glazing works by utilizing two or three panes of glass and creating a vacuum with no air particles, so heat is unable to pass through it, thus limiting the amount of heat lost from your home.
UPVC windows can also make a substantial difference to your energy bills, as unlike wood frames they won’t expand and shrink with the weather, therefore limiting any gaps that could let precious heat escape.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

As well as keeping heat in and reducing your heating bills, you could save money with government energy saving benefits for taking measures to conserve energy and reducing your carbon footprint -therefore saving you even more money in the long run.

Nobody wants to be subject to persistently freezing conditions in their home and smothered with layers of jumpers and blankets to keep warm. It’s important to feel comfortable in your home without pushing your heating to the limits and it’s outstanding that this can be solved by just making a few differences. The best thing is that you’ll make the money you invested in the new UPVC windows back and effectively cover the cost of the installation in the long run.

So if we’re all trying to save as much money on our rising energy bills, which are only likely to get more expensive each year, then maybe now is the time to make some changes and save the planet in the long run.

After braving the freezing conditions outside during winter, who wants to escape indoors to find the temperature isn’t much different? Homes should be toasty warm, without all the heat escaping from your windows. So why stall any longer? Make your home energy efficient and reap the benefits.
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