Why Are Temperature Probes Essential When Cooking?

Food thermometers allow people to be 100% sure that the meat and poultry products that they cook are cooked to a high enough temperature for serving. Certain foods should not be eaten if their internal temperature is under a certain level as they could cause illness. The temperatures that are advised are a safe minimum internal temperature that food should not be below when serving - in order to prevent illness.  Using a temperature probe is the only way to be sure of the internal temperature of any food, which means it is the only way to be sure that harmful bacteria - that can be found in raw meats - has been destroyed.

A lot of people use the colour of meat and poultry to decide whether or not it is sufficiently cooked, however, this is not a reliable indicator and people should not rely solely on the colour of their food to establish whether or not harmful bacteria will remain.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to meats, especially when it comes to things like steak, and there is a common misconception that if you cook your steak to a safe minimum internal temperature, then you won't be able to enjoy it raw as you like it. This doesn't have to be the case though; you can in fact still enjoy a raw steak even when the minimum temperature has been reached. The minimum temperature that meats should reach is 145?F whereas poultry should be cooked to 165?F. After this point you can cook it for longer or you can take it out of the oven straight away - again this is down to personal preference.

Temperature Probes Essential When Cooking

One thing that you do have to be sure of when using a food thermometer is that you're measuring the temperature in the right place. If you're cooking a roast then the probe should be pushed into the middle of the roast, but make sure it's not near any bones or gristle as this won't give a reliable reading. If you're cooking poultry then you should again push the probe right into the centre of the bird. You should also check the thigh and wing in exactly the same way - always remember that poultry has to be cooked to a higher temperature than other meats.

Essentially, temperature probes allow you to be really thorough when it comes to cooking as you don't need to be over cautious and therefore risk the meat to become overcooked and dry, but there's also no danger of the food being dangerous to anyone who will eat it meaning that you get perfect meat every time.

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