When A Nuclear Bomb Hits


With the apocalypse inevitable next month, or maybe it was the next month, or maybe it was the month before last, either way we must prepare for the worst.  Floods, fires, winds and ice will all do their part in demolishing the earth bit by bit.  And there is always the possibility of a nuclear bomb as well since every country seems to have enriched uranium and the ability to create one now. 

With all these possibilities of the way the world could end, what are you going to do?  First of all you should protect yourself, then look to protect others and then protect your belongings.  How are you going to protect your belongings from all of these disasters?  Easy, a fireproof safe.
You may be saying, won’t water damage a fireproof safe?  If fire cannot get into something, it is highly doubtful that water will be able to get into it either when we are talking about a safe.  Clearly a fireproof house is not a waterproof house but a safe is a different story.
Why Fireproof?
  • All of those important documents you have sitting in your file cabinet that you know are there but you have not touched for years would make really good kindling. 
  • Many fireproof safes are also waterproof in the event that sprinklers turn on to shut down the fire.  It is a win, win with a fireproof safe.
  • Floods, fires, winds and ice cannot penetrate the awesomeness that is a fireproof safe.  If a nuclear bomb hits and your safe happens to pop open, then the warranty is void but besides that your valuables are more than safe.
  • What is cooler than a FIREPROOF safe anyways?  It is a conversation piece for the chicks.  Great ice breaker at the bar.  Pun intended.
  • Every time the Terminator is not using his gun, he puts it in a fireproof gun safe.  Be a man’s man like the Terminator.
Nuclear Bomb Hits

Remember how your great uncle Tony always had his gun lying around and your great aunt Miriam would always get on him about it?  Especially when the children came over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Tony would refuse though and tell Miriam it is good for the children not to be afraid of guns.
Here is a little bit of insight, you should probably lock up your loaded hand gun for Thanksgiving dinner.  If you are planning on needing to defend yourself and your family at 4pm on Thanksgiving Thursday then you have more problems than you even know.

Showing off your gun to the great nieces and nephews should not give you an ego boost to any degree.  Be responsible and lock that gun up for later when you take down the six point buck that keeps walking across your backyard.  The buck will look much better on your wall than a possible great nephew.

With the world ending soon or again, or whatever is happening, make sure you live your life to the fullest with the ones you love but do not be a jerk about it.  Pack your heat in a fireproof safe to keep it cozy until you need it at the apocalypse.

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Brian Connor
About the Author:

Brian Connor enjoys writing for the gun industry and anything relating to guns.  He has been an avid gun enthusiast since he was first introduced to guns by his father.  Having a number of fireproof gun safes will be the safe to have in the future.

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