What to Do When Birds Become a Nuisance


Birds are beautiful, and many people welcome them into their yard and garden with open arms. Some people enjoy looking at them and hearing their chirping so much that they even put out bird feeders and birdbaths. Sometimes, however, birds can go from being enjoyable visitors to destructive nuisances. If and when that happens to you, you’ll need to take action to prevent the problem from growing out of control.

The Bad News about Birds
Birds first tend to pose a problem when gardeners start growing fruits and vegetables, treats which some birds simply love. Major crops birds have a tendency to ruin include corn seedlings, tomatoes, cherries, melons, blueberries, and peaches. Birds can also turn a beautiful patch of grass into a devastating mess by creating unsightly holes in the lawn as they search for worms and other food.

Bird on a tree

Keeping Bird Damage at Bay
For best results, you’ll want to take measures to get rid of pesky birds right away. If you’re growing vegetables or fruits, consider using special plant netting which keeps birds from munching away on your garden’s delicacies. While this measure is not always effective, it’s much better than using harmful chemicals, which are outlawed in some areas and can pose a danger to children, pets, and other wild animals.

Your Best Option
While attaching netting to your plants is a good start, some people find it unsightly. Others don’t like the way that it interferes with the growth of their crops, and some simply want additional protection against birds. If you want to truly keep birds away, bird repellent is the answer. As long as you choose the right repellent, you can nix your bird problem overnight!

Choosing a Repellent
While there are many commercially made repellents for birds, they are not all created equal. For best results, choose a repellent that scares away birds using at least two methods, such as both water and sound. Utilizing a combination of products makes a repellent more effective. Do take care to choose a safe, non-toxic and non-chemical product.

Get a Warranty
Some repellents are only effective when you first get them. Birds grow used to them and eventually become brave enough to ignore the repellent to get to the crops and fresh grass they want to feast on. This is why it’s wise to buy a product backed by a long-term warranty. That way, you can ensure you won’t be out your money if the product doesn’t work. Plus, companies that trust their products enough to offer a warranty generally sell products that work. Otherwise, they’d be giving back money to a lot of customers!
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