What are the Best Gifts for 21st Century Children?

Ask anyone what they think of most modern day toys, and you will probably get a response detailing how much they have changed over the years, especially from the older generations of today.
While many people are in the camp that believes toys need to rediscover themselves and go back to being more traditional and basic, others feel that the exposure children have to technology, for example, in the modern day is great for their development and for preparing them for later life.
The huge range of children’s toys available now means that there is something for all tastes, however, although toys are increasingly left behind as parents allow their children to embrace technology products.

What are the best gifts to give to a child growing up in modern times?

Traditional Dolls and Figures

Parents who feel that the world and society is encouraging children to grow up too quickly often buy traditional toys. Is a Nintendo DS or an Apple iPod really a useful gift to a five or six year old?
One thing that traditional toys does give to children is the opportunity to interact and be more creative than they ever could be on a digital device. Girls’ dolls and boys’ action figures also tend to require a commitment from the parent, in terms of interacting with their children during their play so that they get all of the benefits from such toys.
The popularity of traditional products is starting to grow again, although finding age appropriate gifts for children between the toddler and teenage years can still prove troublesome.

Best Gifts for 21st Century Children

Learning Technology

This year has seen another leap forward in terms of learning toys, especially for the age group mentioned above. If parents want to expose their child to technology, but don’t want them to spend hours watching movies or playing games, for example, then a learning laptop or tablet is the perfect middle ground.
These products can help a child to have fun while they learn, and as they improve their skills their confidence and self-esteem will grow, too. Technology can be a powerful tool for the 21st century child, especially if embraced and used correctly.

Construction Toys

Despite brands such as Lego having existed for many years, they still find ways to update their product and remain relevant. This means that the modern child can enjoy all of the benefits of such toys, while also owning something that adults will be familiar with and be comfortable getting involved with. One of the biggest obstacles between greater parent and child interaction is unquestionably the lack of understanding adults sometimes have of particular products.
Other great ideas include science kits that allow children to build their own engine, or conduct chemistry experiments that will give them a learning experience as well as being a fun toy.
Although the emergence of technology has seen a change in the way gifts are purchased for children, there is no question that, even in the modern day, practical and traditional toys are a huge element of any special occasion.

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