Top 8 Unique Doorbells For Your Home

Doorbell is the very first thing that a guest notices before he/she steps in the house. Thus, a doorbell speaks out the very first impression. So do you wish to amaze your guests or friends when they step in at your abode? If yes, then here are some unique doorbells for your home:

1.    Enterbell
Computer nerds will surely love this unique doorbell. It looks exactly like a computer’s enter button or key found on the keyboard, which makes it one of the most unique and bizarre doorbell designs.

2.    Piano Doorbell
Waiting at a door even for a mere 10 seconds is an extremely boring thing to do. So give your visitors or guests something to cheer up while they stand on the other side of door by having a piano doorbell. This particular doorbell has some piano keys that allow the visitor to make his or her unique tunes. With such an amusing doorbell, your friends will never complain for having to wait at your doorsteps.

3.    LED Doorbell
LED doorbell certainly is apt for giving an extremely modern look to your entrance. It has a perfect metallic finish and glows when one presses it. This makes an attractive and unique doorbell.

4.    Musical Doorbell
This amazing doorbell consists of more than a dozen hand-tuned aluminum chimes fitted into a smooth looking sycamore casing. The pleasing sound that it creates is extremely refreshing and rejuvenating compared to other usual doorbells.

Unique Door bells
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5.    DIY Glass Doorbell
DIY glass doorbell is sure to grab the attraction of all the guests and visitors that come at your home. Fashioned from wine glasses, it is certainly a treat to the visitors.

6.    Visitor Recorder
If you are a fussy person when it comes to security, then a home recorder is all that you need. It is also one of the advanced forms of doorbells. This particular doorbell keeps all the records of the guests or visitors with apt visiting times as well as the entire duration of their stay.

7.    Deer Butt Doorbell
This is one of the wicked and funniest doorbells. It is obvious that a deer’s back is certainly not an ideal means to greet or welcome your visitors, but it truly will bring a great laughter on the face of your guests.

8.    Nuclear Doorbell
Those who find the regular “ding-dong” sound of the old doorbell too monotonous and boring must opt for a nuclear doorbell, which produces an alarming sound when one presses it.
Other unique doorbell designs include NES, bronze frog, eyeball and MP3 doorbells. These are all creative yet unique doorbell designs. So choose one of these and woo your visitors!

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