Top 8 Places To Visit In Shanghai

Top 8 Places To Visit In Shanghai
Shanghai is one of the most popular tourist cities in China and the world. The city has transformed itself into a modern 21st century city without losing its rich Chinese culture. Shanghai skies are lined by skyscrapers looking over ancient pagodas and classical architecture. This unique blend of old and new offers tourists very memorable experiences. If you want to have one of the most memorable and exciting experiences when you visit Shanghai, below are the top 8 places you must visit.

1. Shanghai Museum: This is one of the top tourist attractions in China. The Shanghai museum is one of the best museums in China. If you are interested in learning Chinese culture and history consider visiting the Shanghai museum because it has 11 galleries and more than 120,000 historical artifacts. Two of the most famous galleries in the world; the Bronze and Stone sculpture galleries are found in the Shanghai museum. These galleries have collections which date back to the 18th century. The museum also has special exhibitions regularly that are quite fascinating.

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2. The Bund: This is another popular spot to visit in Shanghai. The Bund is a famous waterfront that has been the center of Shanghai for centuries i.e. since mid-1800's. The Bund is a must visit for all Shanghai tourists because it offers visitors a taste of history i.e. colonial structures alongside the promenade. The Bund is one of Shanghai's historical landmarks. The Bund also represents the 21st century characterized by new structures which are all visible along the one mile walk.

3. The Jade Buddha Temple: This is the most famous/popular temple in Shanghai. The Jade Buddha temple is famous because of its white jade Buddhas that are carved from one single Burmese jade slab. The Jade Buddhas were brought to Shanghai in 1881. They were housed separately amongst beautiful stones and jewels. In addition to the Jade Buddhas, the Jade Buddha temple also has ancient paintings, carvings and Buddhist cultural relics. A visit to the Jade Buddha temple offers a very memorable and exciting experience.

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4.Nanjing Lu: The Nanjing Lu is also among the most popular destinations in Shanghai. The Nanjing Lu is located on Nanjing Road which is one of the most popular shopping streets in Shanghai. The street is always filled with crowds along the pedestrian walkway shopping and sightseeing. Nanjing Lu also has a spectacular nightlife. At night, the streets shine with neon lights like the famous Las Vegas strip. Nanjing Lu has very many restaurants, bars and shops. You can't get bored visiting Nanjing Lu if you love shopping and nightlife.

5. Peace Hotel: If you are looking for some of the best hotel in Shanghai, the Peace Hotel is a must visit. The Peace Hotel is among the best hotels in the world. Built in 1929, the hotel has a magnificent view of Nanjing Lu and the Bund. The hotel also has numerous amenities i.e. an eighth-floor ballroom, magnificent rooftop, world class accommodation and services etc. If you are interested in staying in a hotel with the best view of Shanghai, the Peace Hotel is the ideal hotel for you. If you’d rather stay in a serviced apartment, you can visit service apartments in Shanghai online.

6. The Yu Yuan Garden: The garden is located at the center of Old Town, south of the comfort and peace Gardens. The Yu Yuan garden offers an excellent escape location from the fast paced city. The garden sits on approximately 5 acres and has 30 pavilions making it an excellent relaxation spot. The garden also has many halls and temples such as the famous Grand Rockery which can be explored. The Yu Yuan garden is an interesting place to visit in Shanghai if you are looking for a relaxation and exploration spot.

7. World Financial Center: If you are interested in getting the best view of Shanghai, you must visit the World Financial Center. The skyscraper has 101 floors above soaring to a height of 492m. The World Financial Center is among the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The World Financial Center is very popular for tourists interested in spectacular views of the Shanghai skyline.

8. Xin Tian Di: The Xin Tian Di is one of the most popular bar and restaurant districts in Shanghai. Locals and tourists flock the Xin Tian Di day and night. The district is divided into two blocks; North and South blocks. The most popular block is the South Block because it is more modern. The South Block is home to China's best shopping centers, boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants. The North block is lined by Shikumen architecture offering a contrast of the modernity in the South Block.

Shanghai is one of the best cities to visit in the world. With the above information on the best places to visit in Shanghai as a tourist, your visit is bound to be exciting and memorable.
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