Tips on How to Get the Maximum Money for a Second-Hand Car

If you need some quick cash and have a car that isn't doing much except being sat in a garage, driveway or outside your house gathering rust, then it makes sense to trade in your vehicle for a fistful of money.  We all want to sell our unwanted items for a good price and to help you get the optimum value for your vehicle then you may want to consider the following advice.

Familiarize yourself with the market
Before you attempt to sell your car, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the general market so that you have a better understanding about how much your car is worth. Once you have a general idea about what the second-hand value of your car is likely to be, you will know whether you are in a position to drop the price or be adamant about getting the asking price.
You can check what price cars of the same make, model and age are being sold for by looking at the classified ads sections in newspapers, motoring magazines and online.

Price your vehicle competitively
Once you have a general understanding about how much your car is worth by analysing classified ads, instead of pricing your car too high, you should price it competitively in order to generate interest in the vehicle.

Second-Hand Car

Although having said this, it is a good idea to ask slightly more for your vehicle than you are willing to accept, as this will allow some room for negotiation. For example, if you are hoping to get £4,000 for your car, it would be wise to ask £4,500 for it, as this will allow for a £500 negotiation. People also have a tendency to negotiate in larger chunks of £500 rather than smaller increments of £100 or £200, so it is a good idea to price your car accordingly to this psychological mind-set.

Speculate to accumulate
If you were selling your house you wouldn't let people view it in a messy and dirty condition, would you? The same principle should be applied when selling a car, which should be gleaming clean and as free from dents and unsightly marks as possible.

First impressions go a long way when it comes to buying vehicles, and people tend to make up their minds whether they are going to buy a car or not in the first few minutes of seeing the vehicle. It therefore makes sense to spend a bit on making your car look as glamorous as possible before you put it up for sale. Getting your car professionally valeted would be a good idea. Likewise, getting any obvious dents knocked may result in your car being sold for more.

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