The Secret Of Swivel Tub Chairs: Put A Spin On Your Productivity!

Swivel Tub Chairs
Are you arriving home from work exhausted with an aching back and sore feet? You need to be kind to yourself so that you can end your day still feeling energized. The secret to increasing your productivity and reducing stress is to buy a swivel tub chair.

Good For Your Back
Investing in an elegant tub chair is the perfect solution to increasing your productivity and your ability to multitask effectively. As a teacher, I can immediately see the benefit of being able to pivot around to see my students and then swing back easily to retrieve papers from the stacks of student work that surround me. Let the chair do the turning, not the muscles in your back!

With a tub chair you “sit into it not on it” and that is the secret of a swivel tub chair.They give you superior support during long working hours so that your muscles don’t become exhausted. Instead of standing and leaning over desks, printer tables, or computer carts, you can just swivel yourself into position, grab what you need, and swivel back. The 43-centimeter height of the seat allows you to rest your feet directly on the floor and makes it easy for you to stand up.

 Swivel Tub Chairs
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Beautifully Styled 
These chairs come in sleek designs with sophisticated upholstery. There is an assortment of colorful floral and solid chenilles to choose from as well as a chic faux leather in tan. If, like myself, you can’t decide whether to go formal or everyday, consider buying two: One might have a more formal chair, say, for the classroom in faux leather tan; for everyday use at the home office, a lovely light chenille with red flowers would brighten up any room.

In my line of work as a teacher, it’s a kindness to yourself to provide adequate and comfortable support to your back when you actually have the opportunity to sit down. Swivel tub chairs have sloping circular backs which extend into comfortable, compact arm rests. The armrest areas encourage you to relax your arms and shoulders so that you do not stiffen your muscles all day. Of course, when I am at home and taking a break, I like to swing my legs over the side and curl up with a good novel, but let that be our secret.

Their dimensions are only 73 centimeters wide, 82 centimeters high, and 22 kilos in weight. The swivel tub chair’s compactness would be an added benefit for people who have to rearrange venues, such as classrooms, quickly or frequently.

So consider doing what I did: Study how you position yourself and how much you move when you work. You will realize that the secret to increased performance is to purchase this most simply perfect chair, a swivel tub chair.
Ann Brown
About the Author:

Ann Brown is a secondary school teacher in Nottingham, UK - She has suffered with back pain for many years and finds that the added support the tub chair provides has had positive effects on her day to day job.

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