The Rise of Witty T Shirts

T shirts are often used to promote a cause, or to show people that you're a fan of a particular music artist, TV show or film. But it's often the t shirt with the humorous image and/or slogan that makes the biggest impact.

Witty t shirts also say a lot about the wearer's sense of humour. Funny t shirts can be silly, strange, droll, or downright rude, and they are also a great conversation starter.

Popular T Shirts
One of the most popular funny t shirts was of Phil Silvers as the popular 1950s TV comedy character Sgt Bilko. It wasn't an obvious image to be seen being worn by hip young kids, but what makes a humorous t shirt popular isn't an exact science. There also tends to be a snowball effect regarding what becomes a popular witty t shirt, and the Bilko t shirt was a case in point.

Humorous messages and images on t shirts aren't always used just to raise a smile, but many also aim to do something more. T shirts are sometimes used to get a serious message across in a satirical way, and this is something that has become more common in recent times. T shirts used in this way can be very effective when, for instance, a memorable humorous slogan is seen on many t shirts during a political campaign.

Rise of Witty T Shirts

The modern t shirt wearer now likes to be original, and wearing a t shirt with a unique funny slogan or image is a way of standing out from the crowd. It's also fairly straightforward now to get t shirts printed with personal designs on, which has a lot to do with the notable increase in uniquely witty t shirts in recent years.

In a world fascinated by celebrity culture the influence of celebs wearing t shirts with unique and witty designs has been obvious. It's really probably been the main reason why the funny t shirt is as popular as it is today. Witty t shirts are cool, and they also have the advantage of being something that is not too expensive to buy.

Witty t shirts have never been as popular as they are now, and can be a way of expressing individuality which can't be so easily expressed with designer gear. Nobody wants to be seen as miserable and boring, and the fact that witty t shirts are fashionable as well means that their popularity is hardly a surprise.
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